Day 426: What Works for Me

What-works-for-meAlthough I am still fairly new to this process, seeing that it’s a lifelong process, I have been walking my Journey to Life (Through writing Blogs) since the beginning of 2014, being that I’m the rush type, the hurry up and wait type, there are a few things that I have found that works for me/ that has worked for me, that I see have helped me change thus far (to slow myself down). Have I experienced change within this process at this point in my life, Yes dramatically? Do I still experience the constraints of my mind at times, Yes, as this is a process that takes time, that is walked breath by breath in every moment and takes a lifetime to do?
Each person’s process is different, so what’s good for you might not be good for me and vice versa, although I do learn from everyone walking process and then some, by following the principles of what’s best for all and utilizing the tools of Self-Honesty, Self-Awareness and Self-Forgiveness, I can and have in a way directed and order of doing that works for me, so;

That being said, being that at times I still lose track of my breathing and find myself in my mind, for me Self-Honesty and Self-Forgiveness goes hand and hand and is a must to be done whenever I find myself contemplating on any thought for more than a few seconds, as I know my mind all to well, to where all my thoughts eventually leads to, in bringing up past events, relationships and experiences I once participated in. I say Self-Honesty because my thoughts are pretty tricky, where they will present themselves to me in an innocent form, for example the thought will come up out of nowhere about my Assignment, then in following the thought, I would manipulate myself through thinking that if I work on my assignment, I’ll be able to do what I want later, such as watch a movie or something, then down the Rabbit hole I go, I mean that’s Self-Manipulation, and that’s where self-honesty comes into play, being that any, I mean any thought that comes out of nowhere into my mind, as soon as I realize it, I have to stop it Immediately. By saying “STOP” or “NO I STOP” and then applying Self-Forgiveness in the moment if it persists. Mind you this is a constant work in progress.

As far as what I do throughout the day and part of my morning routine in making sure that I’m aware (and if not get back on track) is first off I have a scheduled time to rest at 11:30 or so PM, and awake time of 5:30AM, this awake time is precise, where if I go to sleep at 1 or 2oclock in the morning, I still make sure (no matter what) I’m up at 5:30AM sharp, once I’m awake after using the restroom and a drink of water, I start fresh by going outside saying good morning to things and applying my morning Self-Forgiveness, it never fails, for me without this, me changing is nearly impossible. What this does is help to clear my mind and stabilize my body as my key to my awareness, like a fresh start to a new day (every day), or a morning cup of coffee to some. I mean I’m dead serious, this is what I do and works for me.

And that’s just for starters, because I know that there is more (tricks of the trade so to speak) that I haven’t realized yet, that when I do come across will simplify my process even more, I mean because this that I do now, I’ve pieced together from listening to others vlogs, video interviews, reading others blogs, and reading the Desteni material, so I take from others that has walked before me and follow suit, adding each little thing I learn to what works for me, and for that I am forever grateful to those that’s walking process.

One example that I’ve taken from what someone said and applied it to my every day process, (and my apologies if I’m not wording it correctly) is that of Anna B., when she was talking about, when she was at the Farm and it was her turn to do everyone’s laundry, where she had dropped something on the floor and Bernard, said “What are you doing, You’re Spiting the Earth” and from then on whenever I drop something on the floor, on the ground, I first apologies to the Earth and apply Self-Forgiveness for dropping whatever I did on the floor/Earth, accident or not.

The last thing I do, that works for me, in this shortlist of things that works for me is, I make sure to remain consistent in writing my Blog every other day and if I miss a day, I don’t feel right until I do that blog and by doing this I have become more aware of the things around me in my world and reality, the things that I have been participating in, in my world and reality and it helps me to do one thing I’ve never done before in my life, and that’s is to Bring Things Back to Self and thus, I am learning about me.

So if asked what works for me, I would say my New found ability to bring structure into my life for a purpose that really means something to me in this world, because before then, I knew the meaning of Nothing. And now, that’s a small part of works for me.

Thanks for Reading.

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