Day 425: Fear Projections

Fear-Projection“I brought you into this world and I can take you out, if you don’t do what I say”, is the statement said by a parent to keep their child in line.

“Shut up before I punch you in the face”, is a cowardly statement said by one who doesn’t know how to communicate.

“Don’t let a black cat cross your path”, is a statement of superstition within the game of winning and losing.

“The world is about to end”, is a statement of propaganda to keep your ass in line (enslaved to the system).

“You’re going to die and go to hell”, is a statement said by religious fanatics to keep you going back to church to pay your tithes, which in due time you will find that it really doesn’t work.

“I’m afraid of the dark, because that’s where the boogieman resides”, well if that’s the case then, what happens when you blink and close your eyes?

“I don’t want to say the wrong thing, they might not like me”, is a statement full of self-judgement, said by one who fears rejection.

I mean if you really look at it, I’m sure you could come up with at least 1000 more Fear Projections, that you’ve heard throughout your life time, but the thing is, if they never come true why are we some afraid of them coming true? Have you ever stood in the face of being told one of these statement and realized that it was all bullshit? Nine (9) the times out of ten (10) the person telling you this, is saying it to maintain a level of control over you by your permission, I mean, where does the fear point really come in at, why do we really Fear statements as such and thus project it onto others, as in accepting them as ourselves, with the belief that we are in pending danger at all times?

Interesting story, I was waiting for a train once, early in the morning and while waiting, there was this older lady who came up and started a conversation with me and as we were talking she began to tell me how she hadn’t left her home in about 4 years, I was stunned to hear this, so I asked her how did she get the basic necessities to live, she then went on explaining how her grandkids would stop by once a week and bring her things, so I then asked why she never went outside, and she told me that she was too afraid to, out of the fear that something would happen to her, she said that all she did was watch the News and all she saw on the News was bad things happening outside and so she just stop going outside all together. I couldn’t help but to imagine at that moment how many other people in the world have put themselves in this same predicament, which is quite appalling to say the least, all because of Fear Projections, in this case brought on by the media, stemming from the little statement we’ve heard in our childhood and became fearful of.

I to was one that existed with an extensive amount of fear, being that my entire life was built around fear, starting when I was young and defined by religion, with the belief that if I don’t act a certain way or believe in a God, I would die and go to Hell, this made night times the scariest for me, but as I grew older, I became tired, tired of being scared, I mean completely angry at myself everytime I would get a fright, something had to give, so at that time I built up sort of a resistance to jumping when I would hear a loud noise or if someone would come behind me and try to startle me, by telling myself to always keep my stomach tight, because I would always experience the butterflies in my stomach type deal and oddly enough it worked for a period of time, where I wouldn’t show it on the outside, but on the inside I would be like WHHHOOOOOOW, lol.

Even with that I became tired of the internal experience and wanted to get rid of it, a part of me knew that this wasn’t who I am, but I had no other way of dealing with it so I let it persist to the point of believing the Fear Projection that I would hear, where leading up to whatever was said that was supposed to happen, I would get really nervous and the day of and time would come and nothing would happen, I became tired of this to and stop believing in conspiracy theories.

Just as I thought that I was over being fearful of things that I would hear, is when I found Desteni and a whole other dimension of fear opened up within and as me, but interesting enough there were also solutions to this fear, where through Desteni I learned about fear, where does it come from and how through Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application I am able to release myself from being subjected to these Fear Projections.

What I realized is the more you fear the worst off things will become in your life, but the more you resist the fear, the more aware you’ll become to the deceit behind the Fear Projections, to be able to see it for what it is, a means of control, so;

To learn about how to stop yourself from being Fearful go HERE.

Thanks for reading.

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