Day 424: Going Through What You Are Living In

Going-through-what-you-are-living-inHell is a blunt way to put it. Is the hand that you were dealt really the hand that you were dealt or is it what you have become accustom to as a way/means of survival? No one really like what they do/have to do to keep a roof over their head and put food in their bellies, whether it’s sitting behind a desk answering phones for eight (8) hours a day or picking up garbage on the street for a living, no one likes this shit, no matter how much you try and fool yourself into believing it’s cool, it’s not, because at the end of the day, it’s just not enough.

Have you ever heard the saying; “It not worth losing a friendship over”, most likely this is in relations to money, the same thing that we claim is worth going to War over. I mean what the fuck is wrong with us, how is it that we don’t see that what we’re going through is what we’re living in, Hell.

If money wasn’t an obstacle to obtain, then just maybe one would like what they do, it would be an expression of who the person is and they would be good at it. Even for those that make a lot of money with what they do, true happiness is short lived, because when you have it all, then what, you still want more, so does the end justify the means of getting it, Hell no, because you’ll still going through what you are living in, Hell that is, the only place that you can make up and tell a Hell of a story and get away with it, lies of deceit, just to make ends meet, manipulate and cheat and still able to walk down the streets.

We long for peace, but what we go through every day is war, war within ourselves and with the people next door and the people down the street and the cashiers at the store and the bill collectors on the phone and we can’t wait to get home, just to wake up in the morning and do it all over again.

It’s a sin what we as humanity go through and a shame to say the least, at times I was even ashamed to say what I do in these streets, I mean we all got to eat and for most of us life is not sweet, nowadays you can even have a college degree and still clean toilet seats. Have we really become comfortable in saying “It is what it is”, have we really given up on life and raising our kids, I mean where is the morality these day, the humbleness and the patience, why is it that we all have to live as divided nations; Because we’re going through what we’re living in and nobody seems to care, being that we’re too busy walking around in Fear.

I don’t want to die, I’d rather live with what I know, in hopes that just may someday I won’t be poor, so I’ll continue being a puppet to the masters holding my strings, and to the masters holding their string, and I’ll comply with everything, what I’m going through has a purpose, it’s all in God’s plan, I mean it sounds good until you realize that God is Man, yes me and you who’ve plotted connived and condemned ourselves to this Hell, and it’s only me and you when standing together can release ourselves from this spell.

Excuses are like assholes everybody got one, Abuse is like a pass time, we really think we’re having fun, while everything is compressing we walk around knee deep in shit, while going through what we’re living in, causing this world to spit. Divided in hell we stand, separated from our fellow man, wondering how can we all just get along, but we’ll never say that we can, because that’s not the plan, which shows that something is terribly wrong.

Although I know what I’m going through is bullshit to say the least, I’ll rather play the stock markets and take a vacation for a week, is what’s said by the masses of us herded Sheep, we have become content with the words that we speak. It doesn’t have to be this way, but who amongst us is willing to change, who amongst us is willing to be the first to stop playing these game? It seems like a hard task, but is fairly easy to do, is it fair to say that I want the same thing as you? Heaven on earth for every child from birth where we all can live as equals, where there’s no more inequality and no more being deceitful.

Yeah I know that some will say these all sound like good words and I know that some will also say that this sounds a bit absurd, but the truth of the matter is that we all must face ourselves, yes in order to get the ball rolling, we must save ourselves, get to know ourselves and our participation in Creating what we’re going through, it’s time to change this world once and for all and it starts with ME and YOU.

Learn How to change what you go through, while living where you are in this world, HERE.

Thanks for reading.


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