Day 422: Sneaky

SneakyWhat makes us so sneaky towards one another? What makes us rebellious to the plight of each other’s needs? Why do we feel the need to sneak around each other’s back, just to face them on the other side in regret of the lies told in spite of the truth being known of what we did behind their backs? Is it our true inherent nature to do so, or is it the fact that we have been captivated by the illusions of what money brings us?

To Sow Discord Among the Brethren is an abomination to oneself in every way imaginable, but yet and still, with the aid of gossip we sneakily oblige our minds request to separate apart from ourselves, parts of ourselves, as that which is not connected to our physical extremities, despite the fact that we are one, unseen by the physical eyes, but yet seen and understood when placing oneself in the shoes of the other person, which is rarely to none done since the advent of money.

“Don’t tell them I said it though”, is what we say, fearing the consequences of what you reap is what you sow, while hiding behind the veil of secrecy which should be called sneak-crazy, but what’s in the dark will always come to the light, being that at night we’re hunted by what’s going on in our mind, sometimes to the point of even telling on ourselves, the innate question that lurks around in the back ground of our thoughts is; “Who am I” in the moment of constructing such deceit, we sometimes dream about it when we sleep and wake up with a heavy burden on our chest, which makes it hard for us to trust our own feet, I mean you should watch where you walk when talking shit about yourself, check your brewed inherent nature to see what you would’ve done if the shoe was on the other foot, and expect none the less done unto you.

One of the simplest forms of sneakiness that we have all perpetuated at one time or another within our lives is when you have accidently broken something then looked around to see if anyone saw you, then scurried away as fast as you can, saying to yourself; “I’m sorry, I’m sorry” while looking back over your shoulder.
We fear the reprisal of such doing, which make it hard for us to tell the truth when asked who broke this, I mean I’ve experienced this plenty of times as a child and a few times as an adult and each time, this seems to happen when we were doing something we weren’t supposed to be doing, which makes it funny because it’s within our nature to be intrigued by certain things, where we just want to touch it, feel the texture of it, I mean is that velvet’ then “Oops, to be perpetuated externally on a global scale, bring forth the creation of Spies, which means to sneak past you while looking in our eyes to see what you’re up to.

Sneaky = Seeing the Key that makes someone tick, then using it against them for our own self-interested gain, I mean I see you but you don’t see me, not realizing that someone is watching you just as you are watching me, can’t you see this cycle is continuous and won’t stop until we stop it within ourselves, self-honesty is the key, because even within us in the secret minds, we think unbelievable thought about one another and hide it within ourselves, from ourselves trying to sneak around the point of not being able to stop our minds and control what we think. As within so without.

Fear and spite or might I say we fear so use spite in being sneaky to satisfy our Ego, we’ve made it acceptable to get things and go places in life, with the advent of being sneaky, I secretly want their job, so I’m going to sneak behind their back to get it. If am a company, I’m going to undercut you and take your client away. If we like the same person, I’m going to sneak behind your back talk shit about you to that person, diminishing your chance to be with them. I mean there are many dimension to being sneaky, but you will find that in the end things will not work out in your favor, so why exert the energy it takes to be sneaky, when the key is to see/realize/understand that you are everyone that you see, so in fact you’re telling on yourself, your spiting yourself and making it hard for the whole of humanity to come to one accord. Take the opportunity to investigate and get to know yourself and the driving force behind why you feel the need to sneak around when you can stand right Here and see the world in front of you as who you really are, HERE. The best seat in the house is out of your Mind standing Here in Reality. Wake up.

Thanks for reading.


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