Day 421: Damned If You Do/Damned If You Don’t

1Damned-if-you-do-Damned-if-you-don'tIt’s fascinating how laws are formulated to cancel each other out and/or as a catch 22, creating the saying, Damned if you do and Damned if you don’t, meaning if you have limited means of survival and you go about inflicting the only means of survival you know to feed yourself and/or your family and It’s considered as breaking the law, well Damned if you do, where on the other hand, if you don’t exploit the only means in which you know how to implement as a way to survive, then Damned if you don’t and you will possibly die.

I mean who care? Only those faced with position within their lives, as most of us wasn’t given the innate opportunity to know how to live well in this world system, because of our location, positioning, environment when coming into this world, I mean who really has control over this, especially if we can’t remember where we even came from, which is another Damned if you do/Damned if you don’t moment, being that if were given the answer as to what was and has been really going on in this world and in existence, you would probably be like; “Damn, I didn’t want to know this”, which happened to me a short why’ll after I found Desteni, then realized I must take Self-Responsibility and get through the points of realization into correction.

Fact of the matter is that we are Here and in the positions we’re in, but to give up on what little about life that we do know, while attempt to live is useless, because once you’ve given up, no one will help you/no one gives a fuck about you and funny thing is, you will end up staying in that position until you decide to stand up again and take Self-Responsibility, so again Damn if you do/Damned if you don’t, but in this case if you do stand up, you’re not Damning yourself to a life of hardships any longer, but to a life worth living, (as I have heard) “You are the point of you existence”, meaning you are the reason you’re Here, no one else but yourself, so any attempt to blame any other person/beings for your existence is futile, because in the end you’re facing you for being here.

Realizing that I am in this world doesn’t mean that I have to be of this world, meaning yes I Have to survive, but I DON’T have to diminish, belittle, abuse, hurt, punish or kill any other human being or life form to do so, so if these things are not perpetuated while seeking a means to survive, why is some of the means not adjacent to the above points then criminalized, I mean who decided, better yet who let them decide and the answer falls totally on us, it’s within our power and rights to have and live and provide a dignified life for ourselves and our families, but instead of seeing this we would rather give in and submit with fear to the will of the few in charge, but we placed them there.

Mind you this is not a fight, us against them, because them is us, really, but us against our own frame of mind, our own patterns, ways and behavior we perpetuate against the people in our immediate world and reality, in our surrounding, in our environments, in our neighborhoods, towards our family and friends, pulling each other down like crabs in a bucket, stemming from jealousy and competition. I mean can we all just get along (Hell No), Thus the saying, Damned if you do/Damned if you don’t, meaning if you got it, I want it to, but instead of asking how you got it, and with the knowledge that would be given, go and get it, we would rather take it from each other, which causes consequences of Damnation upon ourselves and the people around us, which in this case Damned if you do, because if we don’t then we would probably find ways to get along and ahead all together as a whole.

Solution, you don’t have to be Damned to a certain way of living, you don’t have to be Damned to a certain way of thinking or belief system and you don’t have to be Damned to the contentment of what’s being handed out to you (Scraps from the bone yard, per se), we as a whole collectively can chose how we would like to live in this world, we can chose to stop the inequality that exist, to stop the abuse that exist and everything else that’s not best for all life, by choosing to stand up within and as ourselves and taking Self-Responsibility for what we think, the thoughts that’s constantly running in the back of our secret minds against one another in our environment, you see it all starts with self you and me HERE, by investigating why am I angry, why am I reacting to this person, who am I in this moment, what is my purpose, what will I and will I not accept and allow myself to participate in in this world, what am I going to do to correct myself so that I can get to where I’m going, that is to who I am as life in the physical, but first I have to stop plugging myself up/Damaging myself by Damming myself with all these thoughts, excuses and justification to not release myself from my mind, so that I may flow freely, to Expand/Grow/Develop me into my utmost potential, in which case Damned if I don’t, so fuck that, I will continue to investigate myself to become who I am as life to stop the Dam-Nation of this world. As within so without. How about you?

Thanks for reading.2Damned-if-you-do-Damned-if-you-don't


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