Day 419: The Ability to Help Someone

Ability-To-Help-SomeoneWhat stops someone from helping their fellow man, a friend, a family member in need? At times through our lives no matter who you are or what you may or may not have, you will need help from someone and when the help comes, of course you’re exponentially grateful, but when the shoe is on the other foot, why is it that we don’t want to exercise the same ability that was afforded to us. You see something is amiss within the exchange of being helped, then having the ability to help someone in returned but don’t use it. What applies here is to give as you would like to receive, the message of Jesus, but interestingly enough nowadays people hear Jesus name and run the other way, associating it with some religious fanatical bullshit, using this as just another excuse to not Help your fellow man, friend, family member in need.

Some would say; “Well I don’t want to be taken advantage of”, really, when the only advantage that’s been taken and used is that which you perpetuate spitefully onto those in need, while claiming to not ever want to be in their position again or for the first time if you can help it, I mean bravo, kudos, hats off to you, because you finally made it, you finally made it to a level of being controlled by consciousness as an intern slave master on a platform of greed, seldom experienced by us common folk, but wait; We let you do it, because if we reach that position, we’ll do the same thing, I mean honestly, how many time have you said to yourself; “Man when I get some money, I’m not helping nobody out, because nobody helped me when I was down and out” So the cycle of having this ability and not doing anything with it continues, so who really is to blame is us here on the bottom end of things waiting for our chance to be the Egotistical asshole.

What’s rarely seen and/or understood is that all “good” things must and will come to an end, but in the moment it doesn’t seem likely, because I’m having such a good time with everything I want, got and some, plus I’m good with money, so there you have it, but then just when you become too comfortable, you sofa your way into slowly but surely, gradually losing everything you have one morsel at a time, then wonder how did it all slip away ever so subtly, now don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying this to scare you into helping someone, but as a fact that will inevitably happen.

My thing is to understand how we/I have created this within myself and thus as a collective, the whole of humanity, which shows in our society through starvation, poverty, hunger and homelessness with the haves and the have nots. They say two (2) Half’s makes a whole, in this case the two haves coming together would make up the whole of humanity, living in Equality and Oneness and doing that which is best for all life, towards each other, Human being + Nature + The Animal Kingdom and every other form of Life on this Planet = Using this ability to help someone as yourself, you helping you, then we would experience Heaven on Earth, but first we have to stop the Mind, yes Mine and yours.

In actuality all we’ve been doing is helping our mind (The Mind Consciousness System) Control us to the point of oblivion, in which we think the Mind is a terrible thing to waste, I mean how bananas is that, you being controlled by the very thing that’s killing you, why’ll making you believe that you’re in control of your own life. So do we need Help? Hell yeah, but from each other, I mean money is the least of our problems, but is key to our survival as we all well know.

Then we say things like; “Stop counting my pocket” which is a slang idiom/excuse for I got it, but I’m not going to help you. I mean the extent of greed and separation that exist, brought on by none other than placing money as our God, in praise of, worship of and admiration of it, because it makes your life, and without it life can easily be taken away from you, so in essence we’re playing God with the ability to help someone, but don’t because if we do, we fear our Godhood being taking away from us. Pretty insane stuff.

One would then say, I give to charity when the real charity needed is to the person/people that you know in your world and reality that’s not looking for a handout per se, but a nudge to get back on track and stay on track, as things do happen in this world forcing some of us to need that helping hand, and this is not to say that you should feed every hand that’s out, because there is a fine line between those that’s doing for themselves and need your momentary help and those that’s given up and want you to enable them, as every person is not in the same boat.

Throughout my tenure, whenever I’ve had the ability to help someone, I can self-honestly say that I wouldn’t think twice in giving, and even when I didn’t have much, I would still give what I could, not to charity but those in my world I saw needed my helping hand, without question, I mean it was a given, but a sad realization is that all of us is not like that and that’s just the way we are, and the thing is to not have any expectations of someone helping you out or not, because when it comes down to it, they either will or they won’t, we just have to remain stable throughout our ordeals.

The same thing applies when needing and/or helping someone out within their life’s process, where it’s always been kind of hard for me to ask someone for help, being that I existed as the fear of them telling me no, but what changed is the innate realization of knowing simply that they could only say Yes or No and when I realized that it was vital for me to change, that I really needed to change, something had to give, so I started opening my mouth asking perspective on certain points that I was faced with. What helped me out with this, is the Buddy system given by Desteni, which is now one of the highlights of my weeks, every time I have a chat with my Buddy, I mean who would have thought, me asking for help, assistance and support, and I’m here to tell you it works and now I’m learning what it really means to (when I’m at that stage in my process) to use The Ability to Help to Someone, because it’s being done to me.

To obtain a Buddy, start your process, HERE.

Thanks for reading.


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