Day 418: A Story to Tell

A-story-to-tellWhat interest us most is the stories we hear, what others are going through as in, guess what I did or what happened to me, I got a story to tell, let me tell you something, I got to tell somebody this, because this is unbelievable. What makes one person’s story better than the next person’s story, to me absolutely nothing, because there all survival related and what’s funny (what turns people off) is, as soon as you start telling someone about how we got Here and what’s really going on in the world today you get; “I’m not interested because this story sucks and you end up losing friends, because they don’t like your stories anymore and claim; “Why are you always so negative”, because “You’re a buzz kill and I can’t be around anyone whose fucking up my high, my chi, my energy”, but look, have you noticed they won’t actually say these things to you, they’ll just stop calling you, like you got the plague or something, I mean think about how many of you have lost friend because your stories weren’t interesting anymore. I have, so you can say that stories are very important in the conversations of today, because that’s what we allow to drive us, a good energy filled story.

Another thing is how we like analyzing the stories we hear, I mean that was my big thing, analyzing the Stories people would tell me, as if I had a Reason to Store the memory of what someone else told me, and connect it to the side show that I was already busy participating in, meaning I was never Here, within and as just me being Here, but engulfed in the stories I was hearing and storing away for a rainy day (per se) through my mind and into my physical body. Not cool.

Do we really learn from other people’s stories or do we fear being placed in the same position they were in in their story? I mean that’s a good question, because in looking back in my own life, everytime I would hear any dramatic type story of what someone been through, I would say to myself; “man I wouldn’t want to go through that”, then create a picture in my mind of me going through the exact thing I was told, and then out of Fear, beg Holy mercy to someone/something up there, for me to not have to go through that or make come true the picture I’ve created in my mind. So I would say that was more of a fear thing. And obviously there are some stories we hear from people that we do learn from, but I would still say the majority of our “Learning” from them (the stories) is Fear based.

Even as a child we train our kid to become accustom to telling stories, by telling our kid stories, before they go to bed, have a look, how many time have you seen in a movie or heard of in our society a child asking; “Mommy/Daddy tell me a story before I go to sleep or so I can go to sleep (in other words feed my mind, in my imagination) then they grow up not being able to fall asleep unless an Action movie is on or any other movie telling them a story. I’ve seen it plenty of times before, a family member and/or friend/roommate not being able to fall sleep unless a movie is on, and when you try and cut the movie off, they wake up irritated, pretty fascinating stuff.

Stories are also related to lies, where we’re always adding something extra onto the stories we tell making them more than what they really are, (which is where the lie comes in) while making ourselves look good or as the victim in them, hence the phrase; “You’re telling a story” a bold face lie (meaning you’re pretty bold to say this to my face/your face in essence then have to face the consequences) altering the truth of what really went on, and what’s interesting is that not many of us would admit to having told a story, because we’re too scared that others will see us for the lies we’ve told, but there is a things called taking Responsibility for and correcting yourself, so for what it’s worth, “fuck em” because in the end you will have to face yourself for the stories you’ve told and no one will be there to face you for you, so why not correct yourself why’ll you still have the chance to, I mean if it was a real friend they would understand your corrections and accept you for you and your decision to change who you have become to who you are as life. So get your story straight, to not have to cover up a cover up, as a lie. (especially in a relationship).

Thanks for reading.


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