Day 416: Posture

PostureThe alignment of one’s body erect from your head to your feet, shoulders back, chin tucked in looking straight ahead. For most being proud instead of awareness here and now, awareness of your physical body positioning while, standing, walking running or sitting, able to intake the breath of life without obstruction, the functioning of every organ aligned in one’s body and working properly, the preservation of energy without over extension or exertion.

If the body is contorted for a period of time, then your organs are not able to perform at their fullest capabilities, slouching create cramped organ, which makes it hard for one to breathe at times and may cause chest pain, but we blame it on the food we eat, not considering that pain is the reference that indicates the bodies un-comfortability to you to take immediate action and correct yourself, but instead we would rather pay a Doctor to figure this out for us. When relaxing our body goes limp, leaning back sitting in a desk chair with our heels slightly off the ground, restricts the blood from circulation freely throughout your legs in a normal circular motion, because of the pressure put on our Hamstring when leaning all the way back in a chair. (I should know because I’ve slept this way for a period of time in my life).

Also as a male we carry our wallets in our back pockets (right or left side), then sit down and drive with the wallet in our back pocket, taking the place where our butt cheek should fill in the cushion, causing our pelvic bone to push upwards, which in some cases create a pinched nerve where we experience pain, like cramps in our buttock area and or shooting down either leg in which we’ve placed the wallet in our back pockets, one of the names given for this pain is called sciatica, again, I should know because I’ve experienced this interaction with my body, due to an inadequate sitting position with my wallet in my back right pocket for so long, for years. No one explained this to me.

The correct amount of exercise, equally spread throughout the muscles in your body, cause for good posture, being that if you only worked on your upper body and not your leg, more pressure would be put on your legs to compensate for the excessive weigh of your upper body, same thing applies to only exercising your legs and not your upper body, it causes a misalignment in your posture, where your upper body becomes weak and flimsy and not able to keep up with your lower half, where at times you’ll find yourself huffing and puffing, becoming tired, with stomach cramps, that is if you’re always on the move, work related or in general, but instead of correcting ourselves, (for some) we take a 5 hour energy and call it the day, putting even more stress on our heart and upper torso’s.

Sleeping and dosing off is closely related to not having good posture, where if sitting at the computer we soon find ourselves slouching our shoulder forward, because our arms are becoming too heavy to hold our hands up and type on the computer keyboard, we then become fidgety and start rubbing our neck and head and scratching at any subtle movement in our bodies as we begin yawning and find ourselves getting sleepy, I can relate, as this just happened to me a short while ago while writing this blog post, lol.

Why are we not taught this in school and from our parent, I mean the true essence of what it means to have good posture, the Pros for, and the Cons for not? That being said, for what it’s worth, I was taught to maintain a good posture, in which for most part I did, but only around others, in public setting and while in the military, but this was all for show, I carried a proud look with my good posture, insinuating myself to be superior than others, to be looked at as a person with a purpose, but my posturizing was done on purpose, as a thing of my Ego and would soon disappear when I was all alone.

I mean you never really understand the necessity of doing something that good for you, until you stop doing it for a while and experience the pain for not doing it, then go back to doing it and experience another types of pain, because now one has to re-adjust from the misalignment of one’s physical body for not maintaining good posture.

It’s interesting, take the thinking man pose for instance, that’s extremely poor posture, where thinking in itself restricts your awareness from being Here with your physical body and places it somewhere out there, way off in left field in your mind, matter of fact, believe it or not, thinking is the number one (1) cause for poor posture, think about it (that’s funny), I mean have a look, everytime you start thinking you look down, as if you’re falling into a pit of thought, then from there your upper body goes limp and you start feeling sad and down and out and that’s when the pain comes; Now imagine doing this everyday all day long for your entire life, then you start having back problem and then possibly contract scoliosis, due to many years of practicing poor posture positioning, unaware where it would lead you to, this point of walking bent all the way over looking at the ground when you’re old. I mean it’s pretty hard to come back from that, wouldn’t you agree?

So having good posture in itself is very important and vital to our wellbeing, next to breathing it is the most important thing one must do in maintaining a physical healthy structure so you can breathe properly, and this is what I’ve been working on within the walking of my process with good posture, to no longer let my Structure Be Poor, but to do it for myself and maintain a Power Structure (Posture) within and as my Human Physical Body.

Thanks for reading.


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