Day 414: Subtle Spitefulness

Subtle-SpitfiulnessIt’s interesting how we participate in subtle spitefulness in cases that we’re unaware that we’re doing so because for so long we’ve entrained spitefulness within and as us as if we were drinking sprite on the daily bases or spitting everytime you become congested. Prime example, let’s say you and a friend are talking and either of you guys say something, anything random, then the initial conversation is over, but a short time later you guys are laughing and joking and one or the other of you guys say something, then the other brings back up the statement that the other said in the previous conversation you guys had a short while ago, as in saying; “Oh yeah then this back to you, what you said earlier”, ever so subtly and most likely you guys just laugh it off, then think that you was really clever and quick to the punch to bring up and use what the other said back at them at the opportune time, I mean this subtle spitefulness is pretty hard to explain, but yet we know of this oh so well, as it is hard to see, because it doesn’t necessarily happen as a point of conflict, but more as the blunt point of the joke sort of thing. Within that do we really understand what we’re doing to each other?

Are we just cleverly normal or do we exist on a level of spitefulness so unimaginable that it has become our normal way of living. It would seem as if we can’t live with it and agree and can’t live without it, you see, yes subtle spitefulness perpetuated using the English language, spoke toward each other in the scheme of things, then told by our peers, you’re so smart and quick to the punch to come back at everything someone says to you, I mean I want to possess the intellect you have, to be able to use people’s words against them without them knowing it, oh so clever.

Cleverness as it exists today is one of the ultimate forms of spitefulness, in spite of never speaking the truth of a matter, (In Spite we Trust) what matters is that we don’t have answers, so we use each other’s words as a stepping stone to tear each other down, ever so subtly why’ll smiling in each other’s face; A laugh, a joke, a validation to what I’m saying, by using your word add to my next sentence, I get an energetic rush when I see the stunned look on your face, as I repeat what you said earlier, in a form of joke and I was listening to you, but only choose to hear this, like you said, right?

Being that Language is so flexible with Slang Terminology and Cambridge definitions, it’s fairly easy to twist others words and spite them against them and if it hurts we simply say; “I thought you said” or “I thought you meant…, when you said”, “My Bad” and leave it at that, as if it wasn’t our intention to…, I mean that’s straight up bullshit, as I have been a culprit and cause for such doings to merely feed my Ego (and Mind) my awareness of self as a dessert of my flesh.

Subtle Spitefulness also comes as a form of reaction in many different context, we pick and choose that which suits our self-interest, interestingly separating ourselves from who we are as the conversing partner we’ve just choose to spite, I might not say it right, but it means something to me, I mean who’s to say that what I experience is different from what the next person is experiencing, when put in the context of spiteful behavior. This is mental warfare, which isn’t fair for those of us who lacks the vocabulary that are aware of being unaware, I mean who cares, as long as I’m first in life I’m fine, which is a delusional way of thinking if we’re all here on this Earth together.

So whenever you get the urge to crack a joke towards someone, just remember you’re spiting them, I mean laugh at yourself instead of nitpicking at the words other people use, as this is you using the words you use to hide the abuse that you faced in your youth, why; Is it now your turn to be the abuser or can you break the cycle of abuse by getting to the root cause and at time we will fall, but to stand with a cause a purpose is greater than the fall itself, which leads to what’s best for all life, stop the spite.

Learn yourself and more HERE.

Thanks for reading.

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