Day 411: Information (#411)

411In the U.S. nowadays if you dial 411 you’ll get directory assistance, which used to be an Information line when dialing 411 on a home phone and of course this was before the internet came about, when people still used home phones and phonebooks to connect to the world. In other countries, I’m sure if you dial 411 it’ll probably be something different, point of the matter is that, it was known as the information hotline. 411 even became popular in social circles, where a song was made about it with lyrics of; “What’s the 411”, meaning what’s the information. You can say in the U.S. 411 was one of the factors that usher us into the information age and made us more aware of the Knowledge and information that was to come about and if that was the case, they did a good job of consciously programing us (with our acceptance) into the coming age of knowledge and information through the use of the numbers 411.

Now my relationship with Information hasn’t always been the best and based in self-interest, where being that I was searching for something different, any bit of Information I came across, I swallowed up and totally believed without any investigation as long as it was something different than what I was used to, being from an extremely religious back ground and all. Oddly enough when; “The World is coming to an End” Conspiracies came about, it really didn’t scare me, as I was raised to believe that Jesus was coming back soon but never showed, since 1970, then the 80’s and the 90’s and Y2K, nothing, but yet and still I believed.

I existed at a level of gullibility, where if you looked me in the eye and started spewing out knowledge and information I would readily believe it, then take the information, add it to the other Knowledge and Information I had gathered and spread it to whomever would listen, again without any investigation, I mean at one point I was almost like a walking thesaurus, I knew about a lot of shit, but didn’t know shit to save my life, because I wasn’t living the shit I knew, meaning I wasn’t directing the bit of Knowledge and Information I did know to the best possible outcome for all, but only used it to gain some form of status around the other lost “Souls” in my world and reality.

If the information I received had anything to do with self-change/understanding self, I would find a way to discard it from my conscious mind, into my subconscious mind, then into my unconscious mind, and there it would lie, un-used, to make place for more uplifting information, because I was tired of thinking about dying, going to hell and the Devil, so I surrounded myself with good positive Information/News, in hopes to live my life in peace. Didn’t work.

Realizing the information, I was receiving had holes in it and in some cases made no sense, I continued searching for more information that made more sense than what I was receiving and believing, until I didn’t believe it no more, I mean I really had no Idea on what I was searching for, but I was looking harder than ever, because at that time my best friend had died and my life was changing, rapidly, so something had to give, that’s when I came across Desteni Production and found a world of information, which was saying all the same things, but using different context that made sense and for the first time in my life, I knew this information would inform me of what was really going on in this life, in my life, in this world (outside of the Conspiracy Theories) that I hadn’t seen/realized or understood as of yet and this really excited me, I mean I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, (Although I wish I would’ve though lol), I had to tell everybody what I found, the real and I was sure that everyone would receive the information as I had, but nope it didn’t work that way, it just scared everyone away from me and I found myself alone.

But an interesting thing happen this time, instead of discarding the information, I started to align myself with it, as it fit with everything that was missing in my life, although a lot of it was hard to swallow and even after a few ups and downs, going through it within myself, I stuck with it and began my Journey to Life, my Process from Consciousness to Awareness, I’ve taken on a lifelong project of sorts to change myself and my relationship to this World System, to bring about a new age; “Heaven on Earth”, so now instead of just storing the Knowledge and Information I receive, I’m in the process of living it, I mean no one is saying that it’s just that simple, because it’s not, but it has to be done, this world have to and will change and so will you, so why not start today by taking the Knowledge and Information you possess and investigating it to see if it really resonates with who you really are as life and if you self-honestly find different, go HERE to learn more about the Information that really Resonate with who you are as life. Start you Process.

Thanks for Reading.


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