Day 410: Three’s A Crowd

Threes-a-crowdIt’s fairly easy to come to a consensus when two (2) people are involved in one on one communication with each other, any agreement is most likely to be reached more quickly than if a third person was involved, with the two (2), things somehow tend to work out (for the moment) I mean, if there is a disagreement you can talk I out, it might take a while but for most part you’ll see eye to eye, when it’s all said and done. I’m speaking on which two (2) friends read each other the wrong way, but didn’t communicate about it until circumstances brought them together, where because it was only the two (2) of them, they were able to hash it out. At least in that moment.

I’m sure this has happened to plenty of us in humanity, where ok we’ve gotten to the bottom of this, but then steps in a third party, and when they’re told about the hash out, instead of saying “oh that’s cool” (unconditionally) unfortunately and conditionally, they voice their opinion to either one or the other, stating their dismay, when it really has nothing to do with them, as they began to think and feel excluded in a way, assuming themselves to not be a part of the consensus, then cause unwarranted division between the other two (2) once again, which now all three find themselves in somewhat of a pickle, unable to explain to each other how they feel, so they just keep it to themselves when in the company of the other two (2), as no one wants to say what the other has said to the other, when only either two (2) are together.

This makes Three’s a Crowd and that’s why in society we’ve made BFF’s, a Best Fucking Friend, only one (1), not two (2), only one (1), then next down the line would be, what I call a relief buddy, for when you need relief from your Best Fucking Friend, when you’re not seeing eye to eye on a specific “friendship” matter, you call in the relief pitcher (So to speak) to pitch you a line of bullshit, that you can agree with and throw back to them and they’ll catch it, because they get it, but once they throw you a curve ball, that’s just excuse enough to find reason to go back to your BFF, your Best Fucking Friend and talk shit about the relief pitcher to get you two (2) back on one accord.

Funny how things play out in the end though, where when your BFF gets tired of your bullshit, (guess what), they go to the same Relief buddy you used, and tell them everything you said about them, where it’s not too funny now since the shoe is on the other foot, isn’t it? but yet and still we find /have our ways of weaseling ourselves back in the good, gullible graces of our Best Fuck Friend, as this cycle continues on and on and on making Three’s a Crowd and two the accepted limitation of not getting to know and working with the rest of humanity as ourselves.

Just the two (2) of us, is not enough to change the world although it starts with oneself and with the equations of 1+1+1 following the change, starts the crowd that’s needed to assist and support three (3) more to follow suit, until the 3 becomes 3000, than 3 million and so on and so forth.

So why waste time playing the game of one’s mind, in having only one person for yourself, when all this time, it was in your design to really get to know everyone else? The thing is to lose your mind, not to be in your mind and then say, I’ve lost my mind and found myself, because if you have a look at it Three’s only a Crowd if you exist as fear of loss then assume that everyone left. The consequence of this design is that you’ll soon find yourself all alone; with no friend to save you and your girlfriends hate you, because you threw the first stone, but it’s within your power to stop the division that you’ve caused between mutual friends, as we were all placed HERE for each other to be one big family of friends = Humanity at its greatest.

Thanks for reading.


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