Day 408: Cops

CopsTo protect and serve and serve as protection because we can’t understand our human nature. When you see them you become scare and start shaking in your boot, when you’re driving down the freeway/highway/bi-way and see them, you automatically pump your brake and then look in the mirror to check and see if they saw you, so imagine in traffic every single car doing the same thing, wondering/thinking that this one (1) cop can see us all at the same time, I mean anything that provokes a reaction has been placed in essence to do so, for the system, by the system, for us, by us, unaware that it’s all being initiate by the Mind Consciousness System, which we as a collective whole heartedly believe to be our greatest feat as human being.

Some call them “Thought Police”, because first off, everytime you think about them, they seem to just appear out of nowhere, as if they are connected to your mind or something, well guess what, in essence they are, because, we exist as the policeman in our heads, designed as the Minds Consciousness Systems Defense Mechanism, to keep us from realizing and standing up as who you are as life, the way this is done is through an extensive amount of fear being imputed through what you see with your eyes, into your eye socket, into your Mind, which then generates a thought, which then creates a scary picture of abuse, implementing yourself into it, then reacting to the what if this happens to me scenario/scene we’ve just create in our heads, then say to ourselves; “Oh no”, “Fuck that”, “I won’t go there” or “I won’t do that again”, “I’m going to stick to the script”, which then in reality we see the same thing happening on the Tell-me-A Vision, as to the power we’ve given to the Cops, to keep us in line and aligned to the system rules, that is so socially accepted by the masses/us, to remain subservient to those in power, who master our puppet-selves on a string.

Then another dimension; “I’m telling on you, because you’re scaring me, so I’m going to call “you”! (as the cop) to come and scare you back, because I’m too scared to stick up for myself, again because, I saw what happens to people who stick up for themselves on Television and again; “Oh no”, “Fuck that”, “I won’t go there”, so “Mister Overseer (Officer), please come stop this guy from harassing me, because I don’t want to face myself for what I am seeing as me through the eyes of this person in front of me”. I mean this is Scary stuff, but is normal in today society.

For most part, how we’ve created this society with the thief, the robber, the child abuser, the murderer, the killer, the bully, the warmongers and the mind, we need them, known as Hells cleanup crew, because actually, if there wasn’t any Cops, this world and all the Human being residing within it, would probably all kill each other, which reminds me of the movie Purge, a sick sadistic movie, where one night out of the year you’re able to go and kill whomever you please, for the next 24 hours, sick shit, which is why we do need them, in this day and age.

And some reading this is not going to like this part, but there is the anomaly, a few Cops in this world that really understands the task at hand, with what we’re actually dealing with here as human nature, be that as it may they, instead of invoking their power over the situation, (which never resolve anything), they use a bit of common sense, which is all it takes to peacefully dilute the conflict from most situations, (and of course one then comes across a few mind possessed individual, which causes for drastic measure, but within that, not all problem child’s per se require drastic measures, but a little patience and some talking to) within this communication is the key, being able to communicate with no judgment or prejudice is well received by the community.

In essence we rely on Cops to do our dirty work for us, you can call them “Spite Enforcers”, where they enforce our spite onto the next person we despise, purely because of how we feel about them, and they didn’t have to necessarily do anything to us, but as simple as disagreeing with us, or not doing what we want them to do or thought what they should or shouldn’t do, which really shouldn’t be none of our fucking business, I mean that’s really fucked up, but we do it, we’ve done it in so many different ways that it’s unimaginable, not realize that not only have we created consequences for ourselves, the consequences we’ve created for others, we to will have to bear, in one way or another, it might not be the same as what we’ve inflicted on the other person, but guaranteed, it’ll be worse, all because we can’t Cope with our own situation so we call the Cops.

So stop Coping out and take care of your own problem/situations human being, because we are the cause for them, we are the problem, we are the creators of every problem that exist Here in Humanity, because we simply accept and allow it to exist within and as us internally and as within so without, which means in the context of growing up, we went and told our mom or dad or teacher or pastor or friend on the next person who did something to us, most likely didn’t agree with us, where we lied about the situation and found that it worked out for us in our favor for telling, so when we grew up, we used the same methodology, towards other, by creating Cops, because we didn’t have our mommy, daddies, teachers, pastors or friends, who could protect our self-interest any longer, therefore we needed someone to do this for us, which is why, again we created Cops.

Learn how to Police yourselves and stop the Policeman in the head, by stopping your Mind, HERE.

Thanks for Reading.


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