Day 405: A Perspective on Thoughts

A-perspective-on-thoughtsOne perspective that I see about thoughts is that thoughts are like lullabies, because every time you start thinking too much you find yourself falling asleep, especially when you’re driving some distance after a meal when you’re alone, where you dose off from thinking too much and wake up (telling your mind hypothetically speaking) like; ‘What you doing to me, are you trying to kill me, in which case you’ll just be killing yourself, I mean you might as well stick with me and die slow gracefully” in essence, because I’m tired of this shit.

When you look at it, lullabies are but a bunch of thoughts pieced together with no real meaning, but as a manipulative hypnotic spell of sorts to make a baby fall asleep, prime example, growing up the only lullaby I remember hearing went something like; “Go to sleepy, go to sleepy, go to sleepy little baby, and when you wake you’ll have some cake, nobody’s home but the baby”. Really, if these thoughts are imputed into a child mind it will stick, which I couldn’t wait to fall asleep then wake up to something sweet, a reward of sorts. We do this to children to get our way, so who’s really the nagger here, the child or the adult? Hmm.

On another note, why is it that when we get home from work, we don’t just keep it real with our spouses, by saying “Honey I’m home and I was thinking all day, so now I need to sleep and reboot my mind so that I can sing myself a lullaby all day tomorrow at work”, because that’s really what we’re doing.

Thinking until we’re exhausted, exalting all of our energy to the mind, looking up and chasing after the carrot on the stick (so to speak) in Awe, like following these thoughts around in our minds, as if they were fun bubble blown for us to chase after and attempt to catch and pop, then we become so tired from chasing after these thought bubble that we fall asleep.

Then you have what it seems as an orchestra of thoughts, playing the Adagio in G minor as a lullaby for you to fall asleep, whenever you’re doing anything process related, that has to do with any self-realization, any self-awareness, any self-change any self-development or any self-growth and expansion; Oh no the mind can’t deal with that, so it presents to you a slew of thoughts for you to lay back and ponder upon, ending up in a day dream, where you dimensionally shift into your mind into a random scene, seen plain as day while writing and/or reading any self-help material, then wake up like W.T.F. was that and can’t explain it. This I have experienced for myself and found that it was due to me not realizing my breath in such moments within my process, where I have given my power away to the mind, thus inflicting this upon myself.

Ever had a headache so strong that you felt your head pulsating like a cartoon character’s finger being smashed by a hammer and blinking red, where all you could do was drink water and fall asleep? It’s interesting how during the pounding you couldn’t think too much about shit, that’s part consequences of a mind possession, where you didn’t listen to yourself telling you in ways of subtle pain to stop thinking so much, and because you were thinking too much your body had to (in a way) stop you from thinking too much, being that you were probably on the verge of going insane, then that’s a problem that needs to be investigated.

Thoughts are like batons as memory stick, passed you one idea to the next, why’ll we sit back and watch the race, until we’re not stimulated any longer, then you fall asleep, I mean we’re actually wide awake with our eyes shut, that’s why we can’t see the truth of what’s been going on for centuries, let alone in the last 50 years, we’re to used to watching the static on the screen, it soothes us, so when any form of common sense is presented its foreign to us, and we Hate it, because it breaks the monotony/our concentration from watching these static thoughts going around in our heads singing us a lullaby.

So why sit ideally by, participating in these thought when you can learn where a thought really comes from and how it got there in our head in the first place and made you do what you did, HERE, then you’ll know what I’m mean. And if everyone else in the world do the same thing, then we can change this world to that which is best for all life and bring Heaven on Earth.

Thanks for reading.


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