Day 402: Responsibility

ResponsibilityI mean do we have to bill ourselves in order to respond to the urgent matter of watching this Earth being destroyed one morsel at a time, come on where’s your Heart. We hardly feel anything for the lives that’s being shattered in pursuit of money. It’s funny how when the shoe is on the other foot, we scream bloody murder and turn around and murder the fly that just landed on our dessert, claiming it carries disease, when we cause dis-ease to everything we touch from Human Being to Trees, to the Animals and Seas.

I mean where’s the responsibility in that, even with the ability to do something, history shows that our response time has always been too late, but Wait, we’ll respond to the urgent call of going on a date and hate it if our date is five (5) seconds late.

Let’s have a debate we scream, while causing a scene, then implement the same thing as if it would fix the machine, it’s like a bad dream that keeps repeating itself, because we fail to take responsibility and only look out for ourselves and our families in some cases, we care less if the rest die, the number one (1) weakness of humanity is living a lie, we lie down when we should stand, stab in the back our fellow man, react to a grain of sand getting caught in our eye, then blame the next man who had somewhat of a plan, but we couldn’t band together, so they just walked out of our life.

Is it that hard to respond to humanities urgent needs, as a third of the population is living in poverty and a third of the population is dying to eat and a third of the population is being slaughtered in the street, I got 99 problems and only one (1) is the Elite, another is walking around wide awake, but asleep; We throw our children to the LIE-ons of the world to eat, all because there’s no home training, we don’t know what to teach, because it wasn’t taught to us, how the Mind is abrupt and how the mind is corrupt and how the mind controls us, where’s the responsibility in that, when asked we take it personal every time, then attack the next person for saying what’s on their mind.

It’s time to redefine responsibility once and for all, to include all Life as equal, that which is best for all, starting with yourself, right there where you sit, all you have to do is click HERE and watch your Process begin.

Don’t be a hostage, stuck in your mind, take Responsibility.


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