Day 400: Spreading The Word

Spreading-the-wordHe, she said that? Why is it that what we say becomes contorted when spoken again back to the person in question, in which it wasn’t portrayed as gossip, but in the context of something being unlikely, which I now realize is probably one of the most profound reasons we as a society don’t speak up any longer, because we’re too afraid of our words being contorted by the next mans self-interested gain; being spited in essence, the hallmark of Human Nature.

The design of fear is really unique, that it causes one to lose all sense of common reasoning when correcting what one see as a fabrication, coming from the person in question, in which case we believe one friendship to be greater than another in the moment of solidifying our perceived loyalty to one person why’ll spiting the next, then realizing in the end, to not be a well thought out plan, because you just can’t play both sides of the fence, no matter how much you try, you will get stuck in the middle alone, by yourself, by your own doing.

Courtesy of the mind in separation from oneself, when you go spreading the word of others, with the intentions of receiving some form of momentary satisfaction; And of course you’ll have it, but will also lose all trust and respect from both parties involved, due to carelessness, you’ve contorted the words heard in confidant, then spewed them as some form of calling card/telling card (per se), trying to save face while looking in the mirror in separation from yourself. Not a cool position to put oneself into, but has been the calling card of humanity, where we’re slowly but surely separating ourselves from each other into oblivion.

I mean you see it as advertisements in neighborhoods, watch signs of suspicion when someone else stands up with common sense against the status quo, on trains and buses, to report your fellow man for something as simple as talking too loud, I mean come on, can’t you see it, it’s all around us, to spread the word, to tell on one others before they tell on you, so why’ll you experiencing the crab in the bucket analogy, we remain outside the box eating crab meat at red lobsters, throwing you the leftover of yourself everytime you spread the word against your fellow man., on and external global scale.

Internally we don’t like the way we look, so that one person who shows us the most attention, we want to keep close, as close as possible, so we stir up, then prey on the information received from someone we see as a possible threat to our friendship towards the next person, then we conjure up ways of Spreading the Word about what this person has said, as a simple explanation of how they saw the matter, but fuel it with our own doubts and disbeliefs, pinning it on the word of the person seen as a threat.

This is more than the gossip column, because it’s the standing up and being able to voice oneself, when one sees that something is amiss within a situation/conversation, confronted with the intent to deceive, get over on and/or brainwash an individual, that’s being suppressed by those of us who likes “Spreading the Word” about what we “thought” to be said, blinded by our Arrogance and Ego to not admit we’re full of shit and can’t stop our mind.

This pattern I saw within myself through the actions of another, of circumstance inflicted towards me, where I had once placed myself in the middle position of a self-interested friendship by contorting the words of another, where after facing the consequences for my actions a few times throughout my life, then only did I realize the nature of accepting and allowing myself to be slave to the mind, which is interesting because now after experiencing it being done unto me, seeing and walking through it as a form of consequence from my past, it’s easier to see how we perpetuate this behavior on an external level, which causes the utter separation of humanity, where Spreading the Word has become, but a self-interested way of spiting each other, instead of a commonsensical way of becoming one and equal with one other, protecting all as life and doing what’s best for all life, and for that, to all the being who I’ve ever perpetuated this character onto/towards, I’m sorry and asking you to please forgive me, as this is but one point of many to walk through to transcendence, in order for me to become who I am as life and no longer harm any being/physical life form in this or in any way what so ever. Thus I continue walking my process.

Man up/Women up and start your own process HERE as we have a way to go till this is done.

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