Day 398: Mind Creations as Manifestations

Mind-creations-as-manifestationsFrom a thought to an Idea to the creation of a scenario into an emotional reaction, then if not corrected into manifestation, is a fascinating realization I had in my mind following the thought around of what I thought they would do, in relations to meeting someone for business, now obviously as this thought progressed, I knew better to not stir it up (so to speak) into manifestation, although I did experience somewhat of a mind possession leading up to the actual encounter with them, and I call it mind possession because, if you are constantly thinking about a specific thing, even if you’re saying stop and applying Self-forgiveness in the moment and it still doesn’t go away, where you have these lingering thoughts lingering around to pop up at any given moment you see something that triggers them, in relations to what you were thinking about, then it’s a simple mind possession and you have to write it out, which I did and applied Self-Forgiveness.

But, we do this unaware of the consequences that may manifest what we have created in our minds as a possible scenario/outcome to the interaction we may have with this someone. It’s like these thought just keep on talking as if we’re speaking to someone saying things like; “What if this happen” and “They’re going to do this and when they do this Ima say that”, then “Why do they have to do that”, while looking at the picture playout in full stream in our heads, before you even meet them, (That’s insanity) and if it persists, when we do meet them and what we’ve said and saw in our minds eye happens, we tell ourselves; “See I knew it”, “I knew that this would happen”, “Why didn’t I see it coming”, but we did see it coming, because we created it and watched it play out in our head, not realizing we manifested it to happen, when all we had to do was to Keep Our Mind Shut. Just a realization.

Thanks for reading.

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