Day 396: Elitist Mindset

Elitist-Mindset“I deserve more than you”. “If that was me, then I would have done this instead of that”. “Oh that’ll never happen to me”. “They don’t know what they’re talking about”. “They don’t have the educational background I do, so don’t pay any attention to them they’re just dumb”. “They look funny”. “They dress funny”. “They have no class”. “You can’t trust anyone who was raised in the slum, I don’t care how much schooling they’ve had”. “I feel I should go before them”. “I’m more important than them”. Anything (Learning how to) for Dummies. “What you need to do is…”. “Do as I say, not as I do”. (Changing with the tides) i.e. “I hate/don’t like what they did, the way they did this or that”, but if someone who I admire see/think that it’s cool, then I’m changing my tone, and then say; “I didn’t mean it that way, what I was saying was…, and yeah I know what you mean. “That’s what I said to”. “Looks are very important to me”. “I can tell when I first see them, if I’ll like them or not”. “I don’t think they’ll make it, because they’re not one of us”. “They’re intentions are all bad, I can see it, I can feel it”. Really? “I don’t like new people, they’re not our color, (Oh my God he’s black) lol. Or “They don’t speak the language right”. “I don’t like it when this person says it, but if they say it, I love it and agree”, and so on and so forth.

Ok so as you can see, having an Elitist Mindset doesn’t dictate whether or not one has money or not, it’s also, what we say, how we view and/or compare ourselves to others, I’m sure most of us if not all, at some point or another within our lives, have said and/or used one or more of these statements about, to/towards someone in your world and reality, even if you didn’t know them, if you had the guts to even think in your mind any demeaning statement towards them, on face bases, they’re in your world first and foremost and that’s and Elitist Mindset.

Being that we all come from different walks of life and have different upbringings, some of us couldn’t afford to go to college, but have the street smarts of a rat, in knowing where and where not to go, how and how not to treat and/or speak to people and what and what not to do, as the environmental common sense we were raised with in and around; Now on the other hand those of us who was born with a silver spoon in our mouth, for most part only knows one way, that of being a Have, not wanting for anything, where were more likely to look down on the next person, not that we really hate them, but as all that we know, so on both ends, it’s all that our parents knew and their parents before them, but where it all goes wrong is, once you’ve realized that you have been participating in this Elitist Mindset and have taken the necessary steps to release yourself from this mindset, then committed yourself to no longer participate within it, but once you meet and/or is introduced to someone new and you turn around and do the same fucking thing, that’s when you have problem, because now, not only do you have to re-walk the point again, you are also responsible for the way you’ve treated this person partially and if that person, see then realize what’s happening then leave, does that not only create consequences for that person, but for you as well to face.

The power is in our words, the words we speak as well as not recognizing what someone else have to say, I mean even if it’s a correction, that’s recognition enough that that person is being heard, and if you don’t know them, all the better to get to know them, believe it or not it does matter to that person, because all it takes is that one time for anyone to cocoon up, if they sense that no one really care or listening and that’s it, although it’s that persons burden to bare, what could have been avoided is, being set in our ways, not realizing that we’re perpetuating an Elitist Mindset, ever so subtly.

Seeing/realizing/understanding this, I now watch the words, coined phrases I have used and/or used when speaking to others, as it’s so easy to get caught up being self-righteous in what we’re doing and dealing with only a select small group of people in our different circles within a circle, when others are there to learn, get to know you unconditionally and be accepted as well, therefore, I now make sure that, what I say and do, doesn’t offend others, on any level directly or indirectly in any way what so ever (although the truth is the truth), as my self-help tips to stopping myself from being possessed by an Elitist Mindset.

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