Day 395: Feel Better

Feel-BetterMy Question is than what, I mean obviously if we’re in an immense amount of pain, then we’ll do just about anything, take just about anything to make us feel better, that’s a given, but I’m talking about, with no pain, but the illusion of being hurt (feeling down and out) by someone or something or self-induced, meaning a lack of and/or without that something we believe we need in order to replenish (per se) our energy, which for most part ends up being money, within this is a form of giving up in a way, where we actually induce sickness onto ourselves and believe we’re tired and would tell people, I don’t feel good, I’m sick and funny thing is and you can test it out for yourself, when someone tell you, I’m tired or I don’t feel good or I feel sick, offer them money or something you know they really like that they don’t have at the moment and watch how miraculously whatever the ailment is, vanish and disappear, I’ve seen it plenty of times before, including with myself and if you’re good at it, you’ll ride the sickness out just a bit why’ll longer to make it seem as if time cures everything.

Hopeless, helpless, disempowered human being we are, when it comes to no getting our way and we want the world to know about it, everyone in our world and reality and damn them to hell if they don’t console you, because vengeance is our when the table is turned, and so the cycle of spite continues.

Our mind is like a game of Twister, where we conform, twist and turn into contorted positions at every beckon call/command/word/feeling/emotion/thought, as a re-action to what the mind presents, then say I don’t feel good, in hope of someone saying; “I hope you Fell Better”, and that’s our cue to continue soaking/wallowing in our own bullshit and if we’re lucky we have that one person/friend of ours who falls for it every time and will come to our rescue, where we then put on the show of our lives and “Oh boy” what a show it is, where along with the droopy face character, we’ll add a fake cough, with the tissue box on the right side of our night stand, as we wrap ourselves up in a blanket of deceit, as more protection from the shit storm that’s coming, that we’re brewing for ourselves to eventually have to walk through unaware we’re doing so, so this better be a good one, because at the end of the day, when you face yourself for the shit you just pulled, you’re going to wish you felt better, because I’m here to tell you, “The Body don’t Forget”.

Cry wolf, is what we always do in the midst of depleting ourselves of positive energy in exchange for negative energy with exaggerating how we feel, then add on to it, what someone else did to us, as a point of validation and/or reason behind us not feeling good, then get as many people as we can on board with our plan, hoping that one of them will fall for our own self-diminishment when we manipulatively cry and say things like; “Nobody loves me” or “I do so much for everyone else and always get the short end of the stick, because I have no one to help me” cry, cry, cry baby, as the icing on the cake, just to hear; “Well, I care for you” and “What do you need”? With that we’ve now found our escape route, by playing off of the feeling and gullibility of other “Our Friend”, but when the tables are turned, we only say, “I hope you feel better” and/or “I’m sorry, but I can’t help you right now” and swear up and down that we’re right for saying so and doing nothing, I mean what a friend we have, that they’ll come to our rescue when we need them, but we have the luxury of not having to return the favor. The consequence for this is, when we really get sick and/or really need someone’s help, they won’t be around, because we have duped them plenty times before and now they think you’re just crying wolf, that’s when reality sets in and we’re faced with the inevitability of what we reap is what we have sown.

The most diluted solution ever, (which is a delusion) is when we say; “Fuck them then, I don’t need them anyway/anymore”, which in fact we never needed them in the first place, but dragged them into our bullshit, while sabotaging a good friendship at the same time, I mean not a well thought out plan and most of the time, we’re not aware that we’re doing so and have too much pride (Ego) to admit ourselves as being wrong in the situation, hence diluted solution (Delusion). There need not be a solution, if only we Face ourselves and take responsibility when such lethargic energy, feeling down energy and/or any emotions come up within and as us, as this is all self-induced, by our own minds, so why drag someone else into the Mind-aches we’re having, when we can simply stop this process within us, by giving the Mind a headache? All it takes is seeing/realizing/understanding through investigating oneself, each and every time any movement comes up within and as us and correct ourselves and in doing so we instantly Feel Better.

Learn how to feel better without needing the energy to do so HERE.

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