Day 393: Backup Plan

Back-up-planHuman beings are clever individuals that always have a backup plan; a plan that’s enacted when all else goes wrong in our world, in general, not according to plan. Backup Plans was created because of human nature, human error, not an act of nature or weather, as some would like you to believe, they’re doing what they normally do, just fine without us interfering, we’re the fuck ups of existence, the only ones in existence that needs a backup plan, because we just “Can’t get right”, we can’t get anything right and then blame it on Nature, the Weather or an act of God, as if they had anything to do with it.

I mean everything outside of us human being live harmoniously, and we have the nerve to call ourselves Humanitarians, it’s like saying; “Hey-You-man, if you Tear-It-Apart, don’t worry, we got a backup plan. And that’s what we as human beings been doing to this earth and each other, Tearing everything apart and Tearing each other down and backing up from it all, not taking any responsibility for what’s going on Here on Earth, because our backup plan is a Space Shuttle and a mission to Mars, where we’ve already been and fucked it up with a backup plan as Earth, but can’t remember.

Now let’s bring it back down to Earth, in our minds we have always have one (1) or two (2) more ways of manipulating the situation to get what we want, where we say, if they don’t like this, then Ima do that and if they ask about this, then Ima blame this on them, and call that options. What are my options? And we’re so satisfied with this limited ability, that we veil ourselves from ever being able to expand, grow and develop ourselves into our utmost potential as life, because we think we got a backup plan to do that for us, which we call science, which is supposed to be see-common-sense, but we see and make our own sense out of it, that is so commonly accepted, then say; that makes no sense’ if we don’t know about it, which doesn’t make sense to me, after looking at it without my blindfolds on, so (Hypothetically Speaking), instead of being on the freeway in the fast lane with no brakes, bare right onto the next exit and turn left at the first street and proceed about four (4) miles until you arrive at your destination and call me when you wake up, because I’m trying to find out what’s real and my backup plan never worked, because I was always fucking up and trying to cover it up with a backup plan. What about you?

I’ve heard that there’s only two (2) ways of looking at things and it doesn’t involve a backup plan, that is, Self-Honestly or Self-Dishonestly, you can’t get around it, and the kicker is, it’s with yourself, which leaves no room for blaming others, when your plan don’t work, you did it or didn’t do it and now have to face yourself, by either being self-Honest with yourself or staying within the delusion of Self-Dishonesty and continue making backup plans until your life plan expires, then cross over and realize yourself back Here to do it all over again, to take responsibility and correct all your backup plans, to face front forward and walk through this process and become life. There is no other alternative for this, so my suggestion is to get with the process, why’ll you still can in this lifetime and learn how to plan your life in respect for all life, as that which is best for all, including you of course.

Seriously stop for a moment, back up and have a look at your life, outside of all the fun you’ve had and the material possession you own and ask yourself, would you be living life, if you didn’t have money, the answer would most likely be No, that’s because we have submitted our life to money as our backup plan, meaning our lives have been one big backup plan after another, then another and another, not realizing all this time we have been backing up, backing ourselves right into a ditch, repeating the same shit over and over again, making our past, that we keep backing up into our future, where we’re infinitely stuck, because we have backed up so far that we can’t go any further and can’t seem to find our way out. This we didn’t have a backup plan for, and now we’re facing an implosion of ourselves and this existence, but thankfully there is a way out, but requires work on our individual parts, that is to stop creating such bullshit that never works, within yourself and in this world and commit yourself to a real plan that’s best for all, that works. With Desteni I’ve found such a plan, and still walking with, as I’m learning, who I am, my participation in creating my life as a backup plan, to recreating myself according to life’s Plan. The only backup plan to our fuck up is you. Learn how to plan your life and direct yourself + More Here.


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