Day 392: The Mind as “God”

The-Mind-as-GodNews Alert, the voices that you hear in your head is Not God it’s your mind, that which makes you say Hallelujah, is not God nor the holy spirit, it’s your Mind, so when you’re praising him you’re praising your Mind that’s your God in retrospect, because somehow this entity in your head is telling you to do all these thing and give it credit at the same time. So when you’re praying, you’re praying to your Mind (yes the bubble wrap inside your head) that which you can’t see and think it’s God trying to tell you something. For instance, like before you eat, it’s like you’re saying, instead of “Heavenly Father”, Heavenly Mind bless this food that we’re about to receive and let it be nourishing to our bodies in a thoughts name (Jesus) name Amen, then eat and when you’re full and happy that’s a sign that the Mind (your God) answered your prayer, being that you don’t know where that thought came from, that you so readily do what it tells you to, and believe that is God, it’s fascinating how we believe the Mind to be who we are and God as something separate from us. Clever the Mind is to veil us with such a trick, by our acceptances and allowances we wash our hands and brains of comprehension of such matters we really know little to nothing about, being that, if we never saw, heard or read about someone saying praise God, then we would see the makeup job the Mind smears on us, for us to face, but since we can’t even look ourselves in the face in the mirror, what we can’t see is what we don’t want to see and thus follow suit after the next best thing, happily thanking God for our Mind.

Another example, how about in church, during prayer service, would go a little something like this; “Mind I’m asking you to shine down your blessing on this congregation and bind Satan on ever hand”, like Huh, Doesn’t make any sense do it? That’s exactly what we’ve been doing this whole time, praying to our Mind and responding to the voices in our head, so in the end we’re all Mind Fucked. Even in Testimony’s, where a person would get up and say, I thank the Mind for being here and I thank the Mind for what the Mind has done for me. I mean you might as well be saying that, because only you are listening to you and those like you, then waiting to receive the Backchat you want to hear and call it a message from God; now Hear this and Let me make it LOUD and clear, we all should be locked up in the insane asylum, for talking to ourselves and cursing each other out by praying for them, because everything we hear, speak, say, Ideas, insights, epiphany, light bulbs over our heads is the Mind and Not God.

We have been hoodwinked and bamboozled into believing that there is a God that have our best interest in Mind, you see “Mind”, “in Mind”, that tells you right there that it’s been the Mind, our mind all along duping us, and it goes deep within my family, where every other word is (and I might get in trouble if any of my family member read this but oh well) thank God or praise God or thank you Jesus, then go happily on our way because our prayers have been answers, from asking for a new house or car etc., not realizing that you had to make up in your Mind, that it takes money to get these things, so you work that much harder to get it, then get it, I mean you should be thanking the real God “your Mind”.

It’s interesting because I’ve been through this my entire “this” life and could never get it, because for some reason it never worked for me, every time I’ve prayed saying Gods name, nothing would happen, I wouldn’t get what I asked for, on the contrary, just the opposite, makes you wonder, maybe I should have been asking the Mind, in my dear God beg-em prayers, I probably would have gotten further, or better yet everything I asked for.

But seriously, the moral of this story is, why waste time on something we can’t see, it’s a waste of energy and we put more energy into saying that it’s real, because we want to fit into the delusion as well, because we’re seeing everybody else doing it, when in actuality nobody is feeling nothing, but nobody going to say anything, because they don’t want to be the bearer of the bad News, that there isn’t a God and you’ve been praying to your Mind this whole time.

Thank for Reading.


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