Day 390: Mind Possession (Argument)

Mind-Possession-ArgumentOk so, the other day I was privy to a couple arguing, where one would yell at the other, the other would then yell back, they would become tired then start back at it again and so on and so, forth throughout the day. I couldn’t help but to look back to when I was that person/them arguing with an ex-partner, unable to formulate my words into sentences to express myself, (come to realize in hind sight), being that I was mind possessed. The most fascinating thing about it was, thinking as if the louder we yelled, the more it would sink into their minds. The funny part about it, once we believe we made our point, the exclamation mark/point would be the slamming of a door (as if the door had anything to do with it) and/or making loud noise so that the other would hear it, as if we’re really pissed off, but dumfounded saying in our minds; “Yeah that’s right”, “I’m right” or “Take that”, “Now” and then the un-admit-able, underlying thought would be; “Ok how long do I have to stay this way, because, this frowning and yelling really hurts my Physical Body” and it did, sore throat, back and neck with a headache and get this, if one or the other comes and apologize, we spitefully refuse to accept it, by saying; “I’m still mad”, “I need some time” (In actuality because you’re in physical pain) and so you don’t say anything, that is until you need something from the other person.

Mind Possessions are a cruel thing, the sort of thing that causes confusion, which brings in the question, could the main reason we’re yelling be because we’re mind possessed and not really mad, because in a moment’s notice under the right circumstances, we’re able to shut the madness off, in a split second and be cool again, which shows, arguments are the most nonsensical, idiotic thing one can do, as a form of communicating and/or getting your point across, because if you step back and have a look at it, out of all that energy being exerted, you actually lose touch with reality, where you then go into your imagination, imagining seeing the person you’re arguing with saying only three (3) words, that’s being projected onto/towards you of “Mad” and “Fuck you” and nobody likes being fucked, so “Fuck you to”, which in essence is really saying “Hey I don’t know what to say, how about you”, “Me either so let’s let our Minds take over from Here” then into reaction, abuse then violence and once the Mind- Possession is over and you realize you BOTH (Key Word), made a drastic mistake, there’s no going back from there, things will never be the same again, you can’t even makeup sex as an excusable solution or reason to even have sex, (Psst) it’s all bad and that’s when the cheating really begin, because now you both need fresh meat to maw on, because the old cow bit you back and it hurts.

If you’re both single, meaning no attachments (no children) then there’s a chance, things could/will be better, if you learn how to talk it out and/or walk it out, you separate, because at that stage you still have the ability to do so, because if you have kids and not able to come to a solution, there’s a chance you will become a baby’s momma or daddy and when you go into the next relationship and the next and the next, you’ll continue having the same problem, because you never saw yourself as a solution, but only dwelled in the confusion of being Mind Possessed.

We enjoy the feeling of power and control so much that it hurts, but when it comes to having power and control over ourselves, giving our-self direction, we don’t know what that feels like, because our comprehension is based on Mind Theocracy, where if it’s a form of energetic rush one would receive, we enjoy it, versa anything having to do with/dealing with self, directing self, we resist it, no energetic feeling coming from it; We willfully submit ourselves to our mind and argue our Mind Theory to be right and everyone else’s wrongs.

Arguments are like merry go rounds a worthless ride going round and round until you get dizzy with a headache, where at some point you will stop spinning and have to face the music, so why are we so in tuned with arguments, instead of “Are you in agreeance”? Can we all just get along, No, not if you’re separated and alone, meaning you can be with someone, but have two (2) separate ideas of how to live together, which is one of the reasons we argue, in which case we have to purify our words, our vocabulary with ourselves, then each other, by Redefining the Words we see, live and speak, as to how a Relationship/Agreement should be, we then will be on the same page, No Argument nor Mind Theocracy causing Mind possessions.

Knowing and applying this into my life, there is a huge difference being that of the person I was and saw myself as through the interaction of watching that couple arguing the other day, where I then again realized the importance of communication, give and take/listen and speak, conversing with each other, getting to the root cause of things, being able to formulate your words = because you have redefined them in your relationship with yourself, first and foremost and then the other, with your partner.

So when and as/if lol, I am privy to finding and/or being with a potential partner in and Relationship/Agreement again, then I would be ready because I’ve lived the understanding of the importance of communication with someone as well as redefining words, which I might add, stops Arguments in their tracks. Another perspective taken from a past relationship I was in, where I now see/realize/understand with clarity the actuality around my arguments. Thanks for reading.


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