Day 389: Jealousy

JealousyYeah I see, we see it, but can’t explain why, so we become inferior to the situation in hopes of regaining the perceived loyalty from that one we have encapsulated into our life. “But why”, “Why me” is the crying question before the frustration, anger and rage ensues, when that one, looks at someone other than you. Imagining in my imagination a scene of infidelity, I mean “I’ve seen it as clear as day, and there’s nothing you can tell me.

Jealousy is when you chase after a specific feeling that you received from something or someone that had an energetic effect on you, that you “loved” so much, that you didn’t want to share it with no one, in which case you become scared that you might lose it/them, the thing/person that gives you this energetic feeling, I mean it could be a friend who you want only to be your friend and spend time with and if they spend time with someone else, you become let’s say, a bit disturbed, that’s one of the reasons why we have designed the best friend thing, because of jealousy, being jealous of one another, without ever considering the other to be me/you.

Jealousy is also a form of spitefulness, where one becomes mad that someone else has something that you don’t or is doing something that you’re not, in which case, we spend all our time being jealous at them, instead of learning how to do and/or obtain that which they have, in light of knowing and seeing that we have the ability to do what they’re doing and/or to get/achieve what they have, but somehow we would rather limit ourselves into believing we can’t, so we end up being spiteful against them, despite it being shown to us we have this ability to. Another thing is, for example in mating (guy chasing after a girl or vice versa), if the other don’t show the attention we expect, but to someone else they do, we become jealous of the other person and spiteful to the one not showing us enough attention, in which case there’s definitely some wrong on our end, which ends up being our lack of communication but acceleration (per se) of our expectations. Not cool.

What’s the solution to jealousy, but before that, a most fascinating thing that I’ve found about jealousy, being jealous, in a relationship with someone where we’ve made the main point of interest sex, is that jealousy becomes; a what if in our imagination, where our behavior dictates the outcome, meaning, we imagine what if our partner is with someone else, just because of our insecurities, so when they naturally happen to look at and/or in the direction of whom you’ve considered a threat, (another person’s looks) we become jealous, and accuse them of being unfaithful, for not keeping their attention on us, which then escalate into eventually calling them a cheater and claiming you don’t love me anymore and so on and so forth. The funny part about it is once the emotional energy is then built up, stemming from this jealous, we then go and have sex and forget all about it, not once ever taking responsibility for our actions on neither side, we claim Sex cures all, yeah right! Then it’ll happen again, but this time Much worse and it will continue to happen, until you end up breaking up with your partner and/or hurting each other for real, which says that Jealous is a Ruthless, Dangerous thing to have and game to play, because obviously and of course, the end Never justifies the means in which we become emotional in any way what so ever.

The solution is simple, STOP YOUR M.F. MIND, that causes you to go outside of yourself and do harm to another as well as create consequences for yourself in the process, how, first off get to know You as the Mind HERE and stop it, then learn how to communicate with others HERE, because effective communication is what’s missing and desperately needed in this world, within our relationship, friend and/or partnership, then you look at redefining what a relationship is to you and the words you collectively use in your vocabulary with another HERE, at which point, Jealousy will turn into “Yeah I See” will turn into “Yeah Us See”, “Just Us See”, which implies we both see and will be on the same page.


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