Day 388: Accident

AccidentIs anything ever an accident or is it always done on purpose? Our preprograming would indicate that it’s always on purpose, but seldom realized, in which case would that make saying that it’s an accident a real lie? “I was just faking/playing”, but you did it for real, lying to the fact of how it would make them feel.

Two (2) points that are destine to come together as friction, when stuck in one’s mind in fear of a collision. For so long you’ve had this thought brewing in your mind, of what if I get hit or smash someone from behind, then you’ll find yourself as the center point of a crash and the same goes for the person on the other end of the clash. For most of us it’s unconceivable to even understand this design, I mean how could this be, being stuck in our mind.

Then you have the excuse of; excuse me that was an accident or I’m sorry I didn’t even see you, which made it an accident, in some cases may be so, but accident isn’t the word to be used, how about, I was letting my mind abuse me and use me as a tool. The rule of thumb states that some things just happen, beyond our control which causes the accident, but in looking at the sounding of the word you’ll hear Ask-Me-I Did-it, meaning it takes two (2) in agreeance but no body wants to admit it, because then you’ll have to pay for it or get ridiculed at the least; “I should have been watching where I was going, keeping my eyes on the street”.

The long road to redemption always come with a price, and in some cases could mean losing your life, in a head on collision or driving on a road trip, all it takes is a fear of you driving off a cliff, in your imagination, screaming and being impatient, ready to rush out the door and go on your vacation, then get half way there and run into somebody just like you, with probably the same car as you, and the same fears that you do, then call it an accident and want to sue the sock off the other person that’s as fault as you.

Funny thing is, when you see a baby on board sign, (for some) they’re hoping that you’ll hit them, smashing into them from behind, so they can make a case just to get some money, I mean the things we do in humanity that’s not even funny, because she stopped on her brakes on purpose when she saw you coming up, and God forbid if you’re driving a dump truck, that’s punitive damages, psychological damages and the damage done to the rear end of her car, how spiteful we are Human Beings that we will take it this far.

Ask-Me-I-Did-it is the tell sign for an excuse, even when walking somewhere and somebody bumps into you and you say excuse you and they say, it was an accident, that means that they did it with an intended purpose behind it, but how can we find it within ourselves to always be HERE, to stop blaming each other and to become sincere, the answer stands within you, in stopping your mind and taking every word you use and redefine it, then you’ll see, all of your preprogramed self, to be able to put the old excusable you on the shelf, or better yet change yourself completely to doing what’s best for all, life as you as everything around you, with nowhere to fall. HERE is how.


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