Day 386: Nosey

NoseyWe’re inclined to the dramatic and attracted to what’s happening around us, Nosey people we are human being, always in somebody else’s business and making it our own and if what they’re doing doesn’t suit our self-interest then we get mad and try to change what’s happening.

The gossip column in Magazines, Newspaper and Television, is the Nosiest of them all, but only to the rich, who is imposed upon us all, but when it come to the little man, the rest of humanity which includes you and me, we have our own way of being Nosey within our neighborhood and on the street, with crime watch, neighborhood watch, the Guardian Angel and more, we spy on our next door neighbor every time they come out
their front door, then call 911 if the noise is too loud, or maybe it’s because we weren’t invited to party somehow.

Nosey people we are human being when a neighbor moves next door, you want to know who it is, so you make an excuse to say hello and blame it on protecting my kid, because I need to know who’s in the neighborhood where my child is walking down the street, (My Response is) that’s why your child is more afraid of you then me, for the simple fact that you’re Nosey, they can’t blow their nose without you watch, when you think that you’re protecting them, their probably out shoplifting, but you don’t know that because, you’re too concerned about me, which is suspect for a hidden agenda, because you keep watching me.

Nosey people we are human beings, what’s the tabloid of the day, who got into a fight with their spouse, who’s kid ran away, then I’m telling the world what I saw and/or heard as a conversation piece, I mean you got secret of your own, so do expect the same from me. The constant cycle of what goes around comes around, as we spite each other to death and if we could, after death we would lay each other to rest.

My God human being, how Nosey can we be, did you know one of the most important things in life is understanding you as me, that doesn’t take being Nosey, just look in the mirror at yourself, then look at me as yourself, then look at life as who you are, then you’ll notice that our nose points in the same direction as our feet and toes do, the tips of my fingers point to the ground just as yours do to, so why be

Nosey, if I’m you, you already know me, so there’s no reason to spy (as the mind’s eye), just look within yourself and see, that everything that’s inside of you, is the same inside me.
Nosey people we are human being, especially when we’re looking for someone to blame, because we’re too ashamed to face ourselves, transform ourselves and change, so it’s easier to be Nosey and sniff out others peoples faults, which is the same as our fault (that’s funny) it’s like we’re telling on ourselves, while rebelling against ourselves, we’re really smelling ourselves, from being Nosey too much and wonder why our nose get stopped up, that’s our body grounding us from being up there in our nose all stuck up.

Can you smell that? That’s a thought that just charred at your flesh, that’s been going on all this time, your entire life is a mess, a note to self, I should have learned self when I had the chance, I shouldn’t have been so Nosey with life in my hands, but say Yes-On to changing myself in every possible way, to say Yes-On to being ground right HERE in every moment of the day, instead of being Nose


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