Day 383: Mind Your Own Business (A Different Perspective)

Mind-your-own-businessThe compounding of other people’s systems within and as you, when you are too concerned about what they are doing, is when someone tells you to = “Mind your own business”. Then you have Mining as your business which is = “Minding your own business”, as the extraction of substance from your human physical body every time you think a thought and/or participate in your mind, when you experience and emotion or feeling or react to/towards something or what someone else has said or done to you, in any way what so ever.

We have made the mind our business, where every conscious and unconscious, awake or sleeping moment, we’re at work in our mind, minding our own business, we believe the mind to be who we are, example, it you’re asking how do you know this = You are minding your own business, because of the reaction we have every time we think/perceive/believe that we don’t know things, we make it our business to say “mind you” because that’s what we do, then say “that’s mine” as a reaction to someone inquiring about our possessions, which shows that we are constantly being possessed by our mind, and “Do you Mind”, not at all if it’s best for me, as the excuse to not share equally. Example, “Do you mind if I use this chair”, when sitting in a public place minding your own business.

In the business of our mind, we get old and wrinkly then die as a system, but in the business of self we live life free and never die, in a sense that we become life, so where does the change occur, the change occurs when you stop your mind and amalgamate with your body as your true self, Life, because we have separated ourselves from our mind so much to the extent of complete unawareness, that’s why it’s almost impossible for most of us to see ourselves as anything other than our minds, because apparently we believe that the mind is life, so when we say become life, we say I already am.

We learn how to mind our own business from our parents, whose been in the mining business for quite some time (per se) before we came along; to be groomed and nurtured into the family business of mining ourselves, we learn the basic from 0 to7 that creates the personality of the business we’re groomed in, taking everything from our mom/dad and the people in our environment, as the foundation for a lifelong mind possession, until we’re able to mind our own business, on our own.

Then we say things like “Mind over Matter”, because nothing matters to the mind but itself, so we blindly follow what the mind says to do, like, “Yeah I can do it”, “I can do it” = “Mind over Matter right” and end up hurting our physical body, from two (2) systems talking peer to peer as the peer pressure you get when your friend tells you, “You can do it”, “Mind over Matter” that pumps your head up to abuse your body and in the end your body rejects what you did, where you then experience pain, when you regain control over yourself.

Our business as humanity should be to care for life in all its forms equally, which oddly enough includes you and me, yours and mines responsibility, but we’re too busy Minding our own business that we can’t even see it, realize it and understand it, so instead we dominate the planet, as if there’s no consequences from planning it this way. At some point things must and will change, the time is now, where things have been implemented in order for us to stop our minds.

Every bit of excitement and all that goes with it, is minding your own business, in a reverse sense, meaning the mind is you to an extent that we’ve made it to be who we are, but it’s not, who we really are is everything around you that you see, hear, smell (the air), breathe, eat, kill out of self-interest and greed, we do theses thing to ourselves because the mind told us so, as we mind our own business and watch the world go to shit in a hand basket real quick, then sit back in hopes that someone or something will come and a save us from the shit that we’re in up to our neck, stuck with no perceived way out, so imagine if your kid wakes up every morning and come to you and say; “Hey can you clean my room for me, or give me another room, because the mess is too much”, you’ll probably look at them and say; “If you don’t get back in that room and clean up that mess…” then say ; “Your lazy, stop being lazy”. Right? The same thing applies with all of us here in humanity, where there’s no one, ABSOLUTLY No one, that is going to come and clean up the mess we’ve made of this world, we each have to go into our rooms (our minds) and clean out our own mess first, then we will really be able to see the mess we’ve made of this earth and come together and clean it up as a whole. Learn More HERE.


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