Day 381: The Unspeakable

UnspeakableIf I told you that things in existence has changed, you would say how and I would say first off there’s no more God or Heaven to go to when you die and that Heaven is in the process of coming to earth, but we all have to first take self-responsibility for the fuck up of a live we have been living in order to make this happen and that there’s NO one coming to save us, No ascension process, Jesus is not coming on a cloud, there’s NO God to strike you down for saying a bad word and everything that you believe to be true is in reverse, meaning what you believe to be true is false and what you believe to be false is the truth of who you really are as everything around you from the bees to the trees to the air that we breathe, to the bugs we step on, the Animal Kingdom and Nature that we kill, destroy and annihilate for Selfish Pleasure, Interest and Greed, not to mention every person that you see, being/is you next to kin, (not only just those with the same colored skin) as one big us, that’s we’ve hidden right in front of our faces, disguised as the falsehood in separation from what ‘s real and most importantly, there’s NO Hell, where when you die as a sinner you go to and burn for eternity, the fact that we have become so used to the Hell we live in, is the veil that we cover our eyes with and imagine hell being someplace else, that would be the end of our conversation, where you’ll then walk away thinking that I’m crazy, but wondering if what I just said was the Truth. Hummm!

Ok so throughout my life, it seems that I’ve been on a search to understand, who I am, where did I come from and most importantly, why do I act the way I do and how can I change myself, or if it’s even possible to change. My inherent nature was the same as that of most of everyone in Humanity; Not really giving a fuck about anything but myself and not realizing that everything that I “didn’t” give a fuck about, was me, is me and my treatment towards everyone and everything else was despicable, unbecoming of a person to himself. I mean the separation was so extensive to the point of me living in Fear of everyone and everything else, in essence petrified of existence of what’s out there, but existing in my mind all the time, thinking that everything is out to get me, so I became an Isolated introvert, which made communicating with others extremely hard to do, where participating in society, for me was not the thing to do, who knew, would I be this was for the rest of my life?

From the Unspeakable to Self-Change is really unthinkable in this day and age, but is doable, because it’s being walked by so many others, but not really talked about, because society deems it unthinkable and may not be ready for the truth, but time is running out and it’s not to scare you like we’ve been raised to believe in some big pending disaster, NO the disaster has already taken place, but it will be disastrous for yourself if you don’t save your face, save yourself, by stopping your mind, get to really know yourself, for that there’s still time, live life for the first time in life, see yourself as everything around you, become an actual practical living example of what life should be as who you are as live, I mean from whence I came to where I am now is a dramatic chance that happened somehow, and that somehow was me finding Desteni and by investigating Desteni, I’ve learned the true mean a very important thing, which is to “Investigate All Things and Keep that Which I Good”, I mean because it’s easy to talk shit about what you don’t know, while standing in shit up to your neck, but at some point you’ll have to flush the toilet stool and realize that your mind was clogging up everything, and I know this may all sound foreign to most but for what it’s worth, who makes the best car?

The hard part was me coming to grips with first off possibly losing a few friend, but then I had to realize; “Hey wait a minute, I have to do this for myself” and once I dove deeper into understanding more of what’s really going on, I realized that they have to walk their process to and that no one is exempt, from walking process, it’s inevitable, so why not get a head start, (per se) and by the time they come around, I will be able to equally assist and support them as well, so in the end it really all works out, but there has to be a starting point and for this at Desteni they have SOUL (School Of Ultimate Living) that teaches you how to redefine your words and living to assist you in your everyday life and/or you can investigate the DIP Lite (Desteni I Process Lite), a FREE Online course with buddy assistance to guide you through the course in learning about your Mind, what are thoughts and where do they come from and how to stop your reactions, in essence learning who you are in a nutshell along with plenty other helpful Tool and Solution to our problems, so that we will be able to understand and finally speak about the Unspeakable, because you’ll now see what Desteni, this Process and Life is all about. I’m still walking mine.

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