Day 378: Plausible Neutrality

Plausible-NeutralityQuestion; “What do you think” Answer; “I’m going to stay out of this one, because I like the both of you” and “You guys are my friend and I won’t play medium between the quorum you guys are having”, “You guys need to figure this one out on your own”. Ok so where is the common sense in it all, is it common for us to try and make sense out of two (2) of our friend’s quorum or argument? Which brings up starting points, being that the majority of each one of our starting points are always based in self-interest, with the effectuation of wanting to win. Then you have the anomaly, where one side is obviously so passionate with viable reasoning behind what’s being said which is probably true, and on the other hand (the other side) you have the understanding of the passion being presented, but with a different approach of an outcome of the situation. Being that as it may, Plausible Neutrality = The self-assessment, through which one investigate all things and keep that which is good as common sense reasoning that is best for all, all parties involved as an observer, but by imputing yourself in as a one sided participant into a situation, you open the door to more separation and consequential conflict which in essence is the act of sorting discord among the brothering, which causes you, in the end to not be trusted by any of the parties involved, which is why Plausible Neutrality is the key for when the anomaly happens.

This is one of the reason why we as humanity can never come to accord with what’s going on in this world and agree on viable solutions, outcomes to save this planet, ourselves and humanity as a whole, simply because we can be bought, bribed and paid for, to make our Plausible Neutrality a one sided acceptance, although we disagree with what is being said, money is then brought in as the decisive factor, so we end up deeper in the shit than we already are, and there’s not too much more that we can take of this before Humanity implodes and we start all back over again, from the beginning, just to re-create the same old shit in separation once more .
I mean there is a solution to stop being a side jumper, taking one side over the other out of self-interest, where if it’s not money that you seek, then it’s some other form of selfless greed and/or the enslavement of, quieting of, an idea that should be heard and or seen by the masses of Humanity, I mean why stand in the way of that; Plausible Neutrality is also the assessing where one is best needed to be placed as a participant in service to change for the greater good/whole of Humanity.

As one should agree that everything should not be said, due to the overwhelming experience that one would experience, that may cause a person to give up before they even get down, is why self-assessments are needed in every moment of breath, which is a form of Plausible Neutrality to introspect how much information one is able to retain, to not be swayed either way, this requires the tool of self-honesty, not just because you want to hear juicy gossip, that’s our preprogrammed design, No, in essence because one is capable of understanding why things are being done the way they are, with no back chat, internal conversation, emotions or feeling about it, then with clarity you’ll be able to see where you could best assist with the changing of this world and bringing heaven to earth. Plausible Neutrality.

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