Day 377: Old Thoughts

Old-thoughtsWith certain things related to Societal law, for different crimes, there are statutes of limitations, where after a certain amount of years a person cannot be tried for something they did, let’s say about seven (7)+ years ago, except of course murder, but oddly enough this is not the point I’m trying to make in this post; So imagine for a moment if you will, things being in reverse and that a statute of limitations was a cutoff point of sorts where the mind had a statute of limitation/a shelf life, meaning after so many years of thinking or a certain amount of accumulated thoughts, your mind would shut down and/or you would get the chance to start all back over again, with your first thought, would us human beings then realize the separation of our minds being the problem, would we then realize that everything we have done, all the decisions we’ve made, the emotions and feeling we’ve experienced, the fights we’ve started and/or participated in with others, all the good and bad times we’ve had throughout our lives, what we believe in, the way we’ve treat others, I mean everything, stems from that first thought? And if so, would the second time around be different? Food for thought!

Speaking of thoughts, I was driving earlier today and realized that every reoccurring thought that I’ve ever reacted to was years old and at one point I counted back sixteen (16) years to a thought like W.T.F. am I still doing thinking about this ancient thing, as if it was yesterday, I mean where’s the statute of limitations in that, but yet and still we re-live it like it was yesterday, or better yet, like we were going through it right now, then stop ourselves, and to top it off, it’s always one (1) or two (2) types of old thoughts going through our mind that we react to; One (1) is; What somebody did to us way back when and the other is; What we Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda done differently that would have made my life easier/different/better, that makes us react, nothing else. That’s crazy being that we’re not that person nor in that position any longer, nor would we ever place ourselves in that position again, and for most part, we’ve probably walked that old thought point quite a few times extensively, but turn right back around (if not careful), and accept and allow this old ass fart thought to come right back up again, at which time we try to brush it away, as if it’s nothing. Now obviously more investigation is needed, but the point is, how long we hold on to and still react only to these old thoughts.

This was a cool realization, because in looking at it that way, it makes it easier for me to see these old thoughts coming up from a mile away and that way I can stop them in their tracks, but if they persist, then I know to investigate further and open back up whatever old point it is that I’ve walk through before, because obviously there are some cob webs (so to speak) as underlying points that I missed, that still needs to be cleaned out of my mind. So for this, I tell myself, I should have been done thinking about this old thought a long time ago and it then go away.

Just a quick realization that I had.


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2 Responses to Day 377: Old Thoughts

  1. interesting term – ‘cob webs’ – the webs of the mind as the inter-net of knowledge as words/memories that veil us from seeing what is here – this same point came up yesterday when I was reading Bernard Poolman’s book ‘Virus Free Mind’

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