Day 375: In The Moment

In-the-momentIn this moment, what’s going through my mind is what to write about and the time. Speaking of such time is pretty fascinating, how we rush to it and run from it, from the perspective of always complaining about not having enough time or I’m late all the time. There’s a saying that goes; “time wait for no one”, I guess that’s why we wish that we could go back in time, speed it up and slow it down as we secretly plotting on building time machines, in which case would be a perceived quick fix to the worlds problem, at least that’s what would be told to us, if time travel really existed in the physical, but would in fact be Corporate Greed based, just to monopolize what exist today.

Time is also in a way linked to one’s emotions and feelings, because we feel a motion inside of us everytime we look at our watch, then up to the ceiling, saying “Oh my god, where did the time go”, it moves too fast, but it really moves slow, if you were to slow yourself down you’ll see what’s in front of you and you’ll always be in time, instead of always being on time, meaning if your always on time, you’re stressing about getting there, and everything in between, becomes a nightmare, like before you go out the door looking for your keys, to the traffic and road rage we experience in the streets, you can’t believe the nerve of some of these people that get in your way, I mean I really got to get there to survive another day, but that’s not times fault, in the moment you’re in our mind, which really made you late, instead of being in time.

To me being in time is like walking next to it, hand and hand with a mutual plan to get through it, your body is always the alarm that keeps you on point, and as long as we stay right HERE, we’ll always be on point, make all of our appointment in time with time to spare, no stress, anxiety or pressure as you’re waiting in the chair, so “In The Moment” what came up for me this time was all about time that opened up a few ways in looking at it, see you next time.

Investigate Time for yourself


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