Day 372; Shedding

SheddingWhat if Human Being had the ability to Shed old skin like nature and some animals do, where now you’ll have a new face, with no more wrinkles and new leg skin with no more marks or blemishes and to top it all off (for most men and some women) an ALL NEW, head full of hair, no more toupees or wigs, how many of us would without question sign up for the collective ability to shed skin, if it was achievable through voting? I think everyone would change/shed those parts of themselves that they don’t necessarily like or self-consciously care for, would you agreed?

To become new again, a new life, a new start, with fresh skin (so to speak), out with the old, in with the new, the reinvention of self, or whatever you want to call it, is what we all in some way aspire to, so my question is why are all these things perpetuated externally on the outside and only characterize internally on the inside, in other words, no work is being done to change self/you/me and create a new you and me, world and reality, by shedding the thoughts that we think, by shedding our inherent Human nature, that causes us to hate each other, spite each other, separate ourselves from each other, to the extent of manifesting and believing that the person next to us is out to get us, so we go to war with them and believe in the survival of the fittest, not realize we’re literally killing ourselves. (where does that fit into living life).

I mean if we would but only use shedding as a way to shed ourselves from existing as our old patterns/habits/behaviors, ways/means/methods of survival, thought/feelings/emotions, backchat, reactions, internal conversation, self-abuse, judgment and manipulation, then we would be a new person/being and life on earth would be worth living, because then fear wouldn’t exist and if the fear we exist as would be shed, what’s best for all life would take prescience.

To rid oneself of temporarily or permanently as superfluous or unwanted; to give off, discharge, or expel from the body of a plant or animal; to discharge usually gradually especially as part of a pathological process; mean to get rid of, implies the letting go or throwing away of something that has become useless or superfluous though often not intrinsically valueless (I would say, such as the mind);

another one is and imply a throwing off of something both useless and encumbering and often suggest a consequent renewal or vitality or luster

and finally it also implies throwing away or breaking up as worthless in existent form .

Being that in this day and age Change is more prevalent and in the process of taking place in so many people’s lives and in this world, where some of us has chosen to walk our Journey to Life; in essence Shedding is what we’re doing, but not in the sense of separation, but in the sense of understanding (by investigating) what we individually have accepted and allowed ourselves to be/become within ourselves internally and have accepted and allowed this world to become externally and it all starts with self, where if we but would shed ourselves internally from being directed by our mind, then as a collective we would not only be able to see (which is evident) what’s going on, but come into accordance/ agreeance as to the best, most effective solution as a society of Human Being as a whole, that would have the best possible outcome for me and you and all life on earth, which is best for all life, where each life is treated with dignity, but it all starts with you, me and the re-definition of the word Shedding to that of; “The Change and/or eradication with dedication to correction and exfoliation of one’s old pattern/habit/behaviors to the implementation of who you really are as life.. Simply put, Here’s how.


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