Day 371: Thin Air

Thin-AirHave you ever walked into a party, a room full of people, a gathering and got “crickets”, meaning that it all of a sudden became quiet as a church mouse looking for cheese? That’s when a cell phone, smart phone, I Phone, tablet or computer become s a good tool to escape reality, by perpetuating the act of seeming busy, that’s when you know that you were at some point the topic of discussion because the air became thin.

Although most of if not the majority of our conversations in humanity is about someone else, about 50% of the times time, whenever you do walk into a party, a room full of people or a gathering, they are not talking about you, it’s you judging yourself and projecting it onto towards others and then the other 50% of the time it is about you and thus you experience Thin Air. Now a tale tale sign is when people seem happy to see you but can’t look you in the eye when giving you a hug and shit, then the conversation turn to, “Look at what I just pulled up on my phone”. I mean it’s funny because if you are really aware of what you’ve done/participated in before in perpetuating this same behavior, you can easily see this being blatantly done, then come whether or not you react to what you see or don’t see.

When it comes to family members, it’s really evident where you’ll see yourself, slowly being excommunicated in a way for a period of time, if you don’t say anything or stop what you are experiencing by saying something, it will continue. And the next morning everyone wakes up and says good morning with a smile on their face as if what was just manifested upon you last night didn’t take place or happen, so where do the smile come from, what I’ve realize is that, the morning smile comes from getting through to another day without hearing anything from you, so we feel like we got away with murder (hypothetically speaking) and for most part they have, because if you go and bring up what you perceived happen yesterday, the answer you’ll receive is plausible deniability and now you’re stuck looking like the bad guy.

So my thing is, if you ever experience this “Thin Air” affect, where if/when you walk into a party, a room full of people, a gathering and get “Cricket”, don’t just let it lie, because you’ll be lying to yourself, by playing along with it, as if you didn’t notice anything, which opens up the door for more thing to come your way, about you, and nine (9) times out of ten (10) it’s because you’ve stood your ground in a situation, where for the first time you didn’t accept/allow yourself to either be talked to in a certain way and/or treated in a certain way, so by you standing up for yourself, that was seen as a threat to the person who has always gotten their way with you or the people around them, so now it’s time to bring another person into the equation to help them get you back under their control (So to speak) and thus you experience the Thin Air.

So the solution is to continue standing up for yourself, when things are related directly towards you and most importantly don’t get into anyone else’s, problems or situations that don’t have anything to do with you, as in trying to play intermediary or side with one person or the others, because the same thing will be done back to you, when the person you’ve sided against and the person you’ve sided with become friends again, you’re in deep shit;

Because commonsensically speaking, if someone comes at you with a gripe about someone else, most likely (as I’ve mentioned) they’re friend, (because who gets angry at a stranger), who’ve had a disagreement and by you siding with them you are being used as a tool of separation, which means that you will also be used as the tool and conversation piece that gets them back together, so why pawn yourself into a game of uncertainty, for a momentary purpose of being liked, when in the end, you’ll realize that it was all done out of spite?

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