Day 370: Intentions Pt. 2

This here is another point in relations to a previous post I wrote on Intentions Day: 155

Intentions-pt2A concept considered as a product of attention, directed to an object of knowledge, meaning what one intends to accomplish or attain implies little more than what one had in mind to do or bring about. An Intention with no action is useless, because what is/was intended, isn’t/wasn’t done or done and disguised as; “I didn’t intend to” or “That wasn’t my intentions”, but interestingly enough if action is involved, there is no use for the word intention to even be present, in which case you have attended to what you did or didn’t do/say, that you would or wouldn’t do/say.

What are your true intentions, what are you attempting to achieve, what tricks do you have up your sleeve, who are you trying to deceive, why should I believe that your intentions are honorable, when anything you intend to do is a Try and Trying in essence is a form of Self-Manipulation, so the question should be, what “wool” are you attempting to pull over my eyes, that I won’t allow myself to see what’s behind the veil of what you’re presenting to me and whole heartedly believe that your intentions validates the point you were Trying to make?

What are your intentions when your intentions are farfetched away from what you’ve actually done, is it excusable to, “we were just having fun”, but didn’t know what such the outcome would bring, or is intentions a justifiable thing, an excuse, a bold face lie, to not have to face yourself and say that; “I lied and meant to do what I did, because I reacted to something else totally unrelated and didn’t want to face it, so I threw it off on you and for this I’m sorry and I’m apologizing to”?

No that’s never the case, telling the truth is a bad thing, it makes us look vulnerable and seen as weak, “I’ll never be able to be trusted again”, but who is the trustee, who is the supporters of our self-interest, who’s really in charge of me? I mean I didn’t intend to get myself stuck in a pile of shit by opening my mouth and sticking my foot in it, but I did and now I realize that it’s harder to face my face, I should have faced me in the beginning, instead of trying to run away, but it’s too late I now have to face the consequences of my intentions, what I really intended to do was not a part of my actions.

There’s no such thing as I didn’t mean to yell at you, I didn’t mean to scream at you or abuse you physically, because the fact that we were mean behind our actions that we directed towards you, were mentally and conveniently a direction of the mind and there’s no changing what we’ve done or going back in time, what’s done is done is done and how very convenient for you the fact that you finally won, through manipulation and abuse. That’s what intentions are and I attend to what I’ve said, I attend to change my intentions to living my life instead, of throwing off my problems and putting others in the spotlight, I attend to doing what’s best for all and not just wrong or right.

The moral of the story is, that there should be no excuse behind your actions or any excuse to cover up the fact that you were action-less, intentions plays a major part in secretly hiding our faces, meaning what we have to face, before we shift the focus to something/someone else, but by attending to our problems and mishap in the moment of occurrence, we learn to face ourselves with no interference.


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