Day 368: Mind Trapped

mINDTRAPPOEDI want to get out, I can’t take it anymore, trapped inside my mind behind closed doors and no matter how much I roar the lion in me can’t seem to break free, is it because I’m lying to myself so much that I can’t even see, what it is that I am accepting and allowing to keep me binded, blinded from the truth, with no way to find it, because I gave up my right to life a long time ago, by mind trapping myself with nowhere to go.

I got to get out of my mind where I done painted myself in the corner, I mean, I feel like I’m at home, but being treated like a foreigner or a former psychiatric patient with No patience to play this game, lock in SOL Mind-itary confinement for life going insane, with no control over myself, what I think and what to speak, at times I feel like I’m being Shepard into falling asleep, I mean we’re all just sheep, from the perspective of grazing and watching our flat screen T.V’s, getting fat off eating meat and have been doing this for Centuries, in a world of plenty, why do so many starve, dying from hunger and Frustration, while we drive luxury cars, our motto is; “It ain’t ours”, it’s their problem to deal with, well ask yourself this, would you trade places with that kid?

I got to get out mind, because I’m tired of being mind-possessed, I fall for it every time by saying I feel it in my chest, that’s got to be what’s going on my heart would never lie, and this is the part where we trap ourselves in our minds until we die, but apart from that, we stand separated from and directed by our minds, and to top that off is the fact that we’re lost and running out of time.

Enslaved to a thought, I mean where do this shit come from, why is it that at times we want to pull my hair out and run, far Far away, leaving our mind behind someplace, buried deep, six (6) feet deep and locked in a safe, I wish it was that easy, but it’s not so come to grips, with the fact that we fell and hypothetically busted our lip and spilled blood on the earth with wars in the name of self-interest, which consist of Money, Greed and Power and the taking of peoples Pensions.

Have you ever considered if nobody has money then who’s going to pay you, who’s going to buy your product and work in your stores to? Did your mind also include for you any escape routes, when shit hits the fan and there’s no umbrella’s to pull out? How about tangible solutions for a world that’s mind free, like the Equal Life Foundation or the Living Income Guaranteed, but how can we proceed when so many of us is trapped in our minds, when so many of us thinks that self-change is a waste of time?

The base line is our perpetuation of being stuck in crap, and there’s only one way to stop ourselves from being Mind Trapped and that is to stop nitpicking at ourselves is falling apart, standing apart in a world of wonder away from who you are, to Stop your Mind and Change this world, right HERE is where you Start. STOP This is your way out.


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