Day 365 Selective Memory

Selective-MemoryWhy do we forget thing, we should remember and only remember things that has no substance to it, as in an analogy, ‘That won’t change the price of bread in a starving country’, let alone change ourselves? It’s commonly known as the ability to remember some facts, while apparently forgetting others. Also Known as Selective Memory Syndrome, something most of us, (if not all) has had at times throughout our lives.

It’s funny how if we don’t know about something, we call it a syndrome and when we think we know what something is, we diagnose it as only curable with medicine/drug, when a lot of these things, like Anxiety, Depression, Down Syndrome and Selective Memory Syndrome are symptoms of the Mind, where just because we allow our Minds to Select what and what not to think and end up feeling a certain way, this is classified as a human deficiency and we’re told that it’s probably hereditary and/or genetic, so we believe what we’re told, because the doctor said so and never just investigate our Minds, to see why am I constantly having these thoughts, that’s taking me on these ups and downs/mood swings, where I can’t seem to stop them, but when I do have a realization of what’s really going on inside me, when I go to investigate it later on, I have Selective Memory and not able to bring it back up, but can remember what the score of the basketball game was last night.

Ok so this subject came up the other day, while doing my morning routine, once I got to the writing phase of it, I couldn’t remember the realization I had to write about in my personal journal, which would have been about the dream I had the previous night, for context; Whenever I have a dream at this stage in my process, I take it very seriously because, I realize my dreams to be showing me, points that I still need to work on/ haven’t transcended yet and/or showing me underlying points that I fail to see when looking at a particular point and so when I get up, I for most part remember the dreams and then go and write them out, during the writing phase of my morning routine.

This particular morning when I got to the writing phase of my morning routine, I couldn’t remember what the dream I had the night before was about with clarity, which when I started writing, opened up the point of having a Selective Memory, as I completed the part about not being able to remember the dream I just had the previous night before and what was interesting was after I wrote my self-Forgiveness on the point of Selective Memory, later on in the day while driving, the dream came back up, where I was able to see what this dream has showed me and was able to apply Self-Forgiveness on the dream in the moment as it resurfaced and align myself with awareness with the points being shown.

I mean this was a cool conformation that things are not just gone or vanish in thin air, but still remain here and all we have to do is to silence our minds and the things we think that are lost to the wind or to the universe will come rushing back for us, to have a look at again and to correct within ourselves as our Human Nature.

My suggestion is to investigate what a Memory is @ The Desteni I Process Lite.

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