Day 362: What’s Cool

What's-CoolIt used to be cool to smoke weed, because I believed it helped with my creative side. It used to be cool to talk about shit that I didn’t know, just because it sounded right.

It used to be cool to chase after girls, because I felt that it took too long for them to come after me, obviously I didn’t have patience enough as you can see.

It used to be cool to buy an outfit to go out in every single weekend, that was the highlight of my life, to stand around in the club waiting for the fun to begin and you know what, it never really started until I took a pill, I mean I wanted to hang out with the cool kids, so that’s what I did.

It used to be cool to play games until the games played me, the way I would stack the deck and watch it all come back to me.

What was really cool back then, is not what’s cool for me now, because I found out the truth of things and this is what’s cool now.

It’s cool to watch a thought come up and to know where it came from, that way I learn about me and what needs to be done, in real time to stop myself from getting carried away, by my mind into a daydream and miss half the day.

It’s cool to spend time with none other than just me, without being mind-possessed and thinking that I’m crazy.

It’s cool to be self-honest, because all you got is yourself, to answer to it’s only you and nobody else, but don’t get me wrong that doesn’t mean that it’s consequence free, every day you will, face what you’ve become in your world and reality, and that’s cool because for the first time in my life I get to correct my mistakes, so when I die you won’t have to write on my tombstone “Here Lies The Late”, because I wasn’t late and I stopped lying to myself and everyone else, it’s cool to have this tool of writing to help change myself.

It’s cool to be on a Journey to Life to reach my utmost potential, I mean I’ve never really been that far outside of everything being mental, or incidental or consequential, my life was a run in the wall, but now it’s cool to tighten my belt and walk down the hall.

It’s cool to remain stable when a person is like a Gnat in your ear, just yapping away about all this shit that you really don’t want to hear, but from the inside of yourself to the outside of you you don’t allow anything to move, so that when it’s your chance to speak you’ll know exactly what to do, to direct the situation to an outcome that’s best for all, while keeping in mind that that’s you speaking to you and if you react you both will fall.

It’s cool to be able to apply Self-Forgiveness in the moment, when driving in traffic bumper to bumper and the thought comes up “Doggonit” and as soon as you see it coming up, you stop it before you follow, it around in your head, then realize that that was so shallow.

What’s cool is to be able to share your realizations about what you find in life, about what you see that’s wrong, about what you see that’s right and not just saying things as lip service, but realize a solution as well, on how to create Heaven on earth and no longer live in this Hell.

What’s Cool for you?

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