Day 361: Indecisive (What I See)

IndecisiveOn the beach they watch snowboard videos and on the mountain, in the snow they watch surfing videos, question is, why are we so, indecisive, unwilling to decide what goes on next in our lives, (I mean we leave it up to our minds) dangling ourselves like puppets on a string and call it weighing out our options and going with the flow. Who knows maybe we like this subservient world order that money brings, we worship it, use it, abuse it so much that we can’t decide for ourselves, but for others we chose who live and die, as long as it’s not our own life or that guy or anyone that suits our self-interest, we make it a mission to excommunicate ourselves from making any decisions. Listen, did you hear that? I think this choice thing is all a lie, because how else would it not come true, some being coming from the sky? And then you die and can’t decide on which way to go to get to heaven, because we missed the opportunity to live life HERE, without a Reverend, the only “real” person we ever trusted in, that in hindsight lied to us which perpetuated our decision to be indecisive.

If you really have a Look at what’s missing, it’s our intuition, where we’re more in-to making issues out of nothing, instead of making an informative decision, what clothes are we going to wear today, then “this makes me look too fat” as an issue made before comfortability, we have the ability to decide, but we have become too comfortable in letting others decide for us, it’s too much for me to think about right now, so I’ll just go along with what you say, they say and in the end, it’s their fault and I don’t have to take responsibility, not realizing by leaving it up to them is no fault other than our own, we Actually made the decision to let them decide what’s right and wrong.

Now the world has gone into a stupor, because we couldn’t decide, we’re facing an inevitable change or continue to destroy all life, then we all die and where’s the fun in that, we’ll have to start all back over just to create the same ole rat pack of a world, in fact Rats are more aware than we are, we’re so binded with blinders on, thinking that we’re seeing far, but did you see this coming, no because we couldn’t decide on what’s best for all life, as what’s best for me and you, instead of everything being a fight;

In my life I mean with my mind going back and forth, should I or shouldn’t I do this or that, what will happen if I step forth, meaning stepping in and stopping my mind, directing me for the first time, I had to make the decision that I no longer wanted to be blind, I no longer wanted to be gullible, I no longer wanted to be brainwashed, I was search for a change because I was really lost, I was searching for the new me, I was tired of being the same, so I inevitably made the decision to walk the walk of shame, to talk a different way, to change my patterns/behavior and ways and I’m here to tell you, it’s the best decision I ever made. I’m still a work in progress, I’m normal and still have to stop my anxiety and stress. At times when I think too much and go overboard in my mind, there are tools that came with this decision that I use to redefine, my life, my world and reality the way I do things, to where in time I’ll walk live and say Only what I mean.

So in this only one life left, I decided to take a stand, I have decided to do what’s best for all and to become a real man, that don’t abuse life out of Self-Interest for money, that no longer think when someone hurt themselves, that shits really funny and laugh until the same thing happens to me, I demand myself to change from being a de-man (demon) in this reality, don’t take it out of context, I suggest you do the same; Investigate all things and keep the good that remains.

Decide Who You Are!!!

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