Day 360: Tetris

tetrisTetris as we all know it is, arranging things of different shapes and sizes into a physical space, as per the common definition of the word, Ok so here’s a different perspective of how I see the word and game of Tetris.

I was driving the other day and realized that Tetris is driving in California traffic during rush hour, where Cars, Truck, Vans and Motorcycle of different shapes and sizes, weave their way in and out of traffic and fill in the open/empty spots, while slowly moving, but surely getting there, almost like making yourself complete, in giving yourself what you think you’re missing, in filling in all the open/empty spots, gaps and holes that you have in your life and slowly but surely until you’re full of yourself, (from the perspective of completely transforming yourself into, that which you are as life, from/of substance) do we play the game of Tetris.

I call this my process, the process from consciousness to awareness, where nothing of consciousness is whole/complete, but have holes all in it, (open/empty spots and gaps), because all we do is compete, that’s why we have holes in our stories, because we fail to tell the truth, because we don’t want to see and know the truth about what’s really going on inside us, first off in/as our minds and then in our world and reality, I mean we have become numb to the bullshit, because we’re full of shit, with no way to release it, so when the bullshit of different shapes and sizes (words) that we speak is not broken down, corrected, redefined then arranged in our physical space, within out physical bodies, it fills up to the top and the Game Is Over.

Unlike Tetris though, life is not a game, but we treat it as one, thinking that we’re living life, but wouldn’t know what life is, if we looked at in the mirror, (Get it). We use terms like only the strong and survival of the fittest, so we kill, degrade, destroy, disrespect, disregard and diminish, everything of ourselves that we consider to be weak, not realizing that what we do to/toward each other/nature/ the animal kingdom and all life on earth, is the same as us cutting off or arms and legs and still try walking, and slapping people around, It’s insane the shit that WE, (me too) have accepted and allowed in our world and reality, so what does that tell you? It tells me, if you can see it on an external level, then it must exist within you, (All the Hate, Corruption, Perpetuation of War, Rape, Starvation, Competition, Murder, Backstabbing, Manipulation, Lying, Addiction to Conflict and so much more) As within so without, all these different shapes and sizes of things that I just mentioned, has filled up to the top and is causing a massive amount of consequence, that we think is the devil, (blame it on the devil), if we go through it, and readily not see that it’s our own individual fault and so our life and living becomes overwhelmed with consequence, (things that happen and we say; “Why is this happening to me”) inevitably we have to take responsibility for all these Games we’re play, because at any moment this game, your game, my game will be over and we will Have to face ourselves, for not filling in all the open/empty spots, holes and gaps that we’ve left open, purposefully as things we’ve missed the chance to taking self-responsibility for to gift to ourselves, that which we’ve missed as ourselves as life as everything around us, every time we go and look in the mirror at Us.

So if you like playing video game and completing them, do yourself a favor and complete yourself, before the bullshit spills over inside you and you roll over, because the Game Is Over and we then look back and say; “Man I seen it all alone, but I just didn’t know that I was the cause of it all”, and at that moment is when we look down and realize, that we’ve had the controller in our hands the whole time.



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