Day 357: The Church

The-ChurchJust in the time I’ve been alive and have experienced the church, there has been a massive change in the way the church operates, from spending more time talking about and/or studying the bible to almost like going to a concert or show type of feel, with all the extra additive, such as suggestable mood changes and swing through songs and music to the worship and praise dramatization, where if you’re not careful, it’s easy to get caught emotionally and swept off into this wonderland of emotional bliss, excitement, happiness and jubilation, where you end up possessing yourself and believing that this possession is some higher force/spirit/being or entity/holy ghost has made you feel this way and now you are a part of something greater, when you have surrendered to the suggestions of the show in which we call “The Church”, all for you to empty your pockets in the belief that you will be blessed later on in life, I mean what an elaborate hoax that we fall for every time.

It’s interesting how when you really have a deeper look at the people in the congregation, you will see mind games being played against one another, where first off everyone wants to look the part and be the part of the one closest to the pastor and being seen as following the “Word of god”, I mean it’s extensive.

So the other day I went to this church with a family member for their child’s dedication, (Meaning for the pastor to lay hand on the child, cast a spell on them and possess them for eternity in a nutshell) what was interesting was the church format from beginning to closing, that I will be discussing. Now as I have mentioned, the church has become like a concert/show of sorts, where the service started with the buildup mood changing music as the warm up to set the atmosphere of somber (with the lights dim and a smoke machine on blowing smoke through the laser lights seen coming from the wall on the back of the stage), playing on the emotions of those willing to open themselves up to what’s about to happen, by making you feel bad in a way for everything that has transpired in your life throughout the past week leading up to this Sunday morning.

Then more songs are played, with lyrics calling on the spirit of god to come into this place, building the mood for a Demonic Possession to take place. Then we possess ourselves and believe that we’ve been touched by the spirit of god, when it’s all in our minds, we created this entity as the spirit of god and think it separate from us. I mean when looking around, I see most of the children really don’t want to be here, it shows in their faces of them being forced to come, which brings up the saying that I heard as a child growing up; “As long as you live under my roof, it’s my rule, so you will do what I say” Go to church.

Crowd participation is widely encouraged, forceful interaction with the crowd is perpetuated, where it’s said to look at the person next to you and see if they are participating and if not, then make them participate in so many word, by the singer, during the songs.

Then before and during the dedication one of the pastors put a scripture up on the 2 flat screen monitors they have and what stood out is how literal the scripture was taken as being read and explain, where he then added on his perspective of saying his interpretation of what the scriptures meant, in accordance with the format of the show, I mean service.

Then you have the reason for the show, the Part where you are now Trapped to give money and the highlight of the show happens. It’s interesting because the pastor then directs the usher to come to the front, and start telling this elaborate story with visual on the screen about this struggling church in Mexico that needs there help to build their church and start quoting prices of how much money they need for different projects for different church’s to play on the congregation’s sympathetic heart, then goes into his own pocket and pulls out 200 dollars in 20’s and say that he’s giving his last and that the church should follow suit. Then tell the people who wants to pay with credit card to come forward first and they have people in between the ushers with credit card Apps on their phones to take the money from the parishioners, I mean it’s pretty fascinating.

While all this is going on, the music is playing with lyric saying give your all to Jesus while the pastor has now elevated his praise and worship, by saying “Thank you Jesus” in a fake as if crying tonality and physical expression, while going in and out of these trances telling people, if they were saving for a new car and have $6000 dollars saved, to give a thousand and God will make something happen on the other end, where the price of the car will go down a few thousand dollar and that how God works like that. I was blown away. After all was collected while the music was still going on, all the ushers came together in front of the pastor and the pastor prayed over the money, then took the money in the back, while the singer song another emotional mood swinging song with the lyrics “Where would I be”, without Jesus/God, keeping the mood somber to cover up the rape that just happened of the congregation’s money.

After the pastor came back out from what it seemed as if he counted the money, while the music was still going on he said instead of having a sermon, what was needed was to pray and invited everyone to come to the alter and pray, (mind you the same song was going on; “Where would I be”) and that’s when it became very apparent the intentions and reason for the whole show, where the pastor becoming extremely emotional and started fake crying in his expression saying while the singer was singing, “where would I be” and went down on his knees as if he was crying and praying then got up and look at his cell phone at the time and said let’s praise god for the last nine minute of service then said something else for the last five minute of the show, I mean service and then got the crowd roweled up and excited and then said “Thank you and have a good Day” and that was it.

So what I realized is that the church has become like any corporation that exist today with the intentions of making/taking as much money as they can from the average Joe Smoke, while feeding them a crock of bullshit under the guise of God loves you and Jesus dying for your sins and if you don’t do what I say, you’ll die and go to hell. What a hell of a thing to say, believe and live, as I have lived and saw the transformation of “The Church” take place from me growing up, 1970 to now 2016 and Oh boy what a difference it is.

Thanks for reading.

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