Day 354: How Easy

How-EasyHow easy do we believe in lies when there’s no telling of the truth, you say it, I believe it and that’s all to it. Because I heard it from a creditable source, that’s all that matters to me, I mean it can’t be a lie because I saw it on T.V. We all know the world is a mess, even the News says so, so why is it that we blame things being messed up, because of the poor, as if they alone created this mess without our participation, the abdication of our responsibility is what has corrupted every nation.

How easy is it to scream blood murder, when you think your rights have been violated, or that you’ve been passed over because of color and harassed for being un-education? How easy is it to blame the education system, for not doing what the parents should be doing at home, in educating their children instead of leaving them alone, to fend for themselves in a world of snakes and thieves; Greed, poisoned knowledge and information on which we feed.

How easy is it to walk down the street in the dead of winter, right past a person laying on the sidewalk and watch them freeze, I mean we turn a blind eye as if Jesus told us to turn the other cheek. And take that statement LITERALLY only used for our own self-interest, it’s interesting how easy it is for us to disregard the way others are living, we excuse as their decision, then treat them as forbidden, as if only our life and that of our family and friends are worth living.

How easy is it to swat a fly in our kitchen and claim that they carry diseases, when we are the ones causing dis-ease throughout our communities? Communally speaking we never treated other as we would like to be treated, we dismiss them with ease as the people next door, who not to trust or believe, I mean it’s always them, them, they, not me, myself and I, who did this that and the other and even killed that fly, no if it’s smaller than us then we must be the dominating factor, the fact that we don’t realize that we’re killing ourselves, doesn’t even matter.

How easy is it to take matter into your own hands, when your lively hood is threatened, but when life is threatened we think nothing of it and call it life’s lesson, boy do we have a lot to learn in a short time that’s running out, we fear the truth and what we’ll lose, while look for a way out, but when the only way out is shown to us, we still look for an easier way, as if miraculously some higher God, entity or force will come and take us away.

Now if it was that easy to perpetuate the way the world is, over hundreds of thousands of years and plenty of lifetimes that we lived, then how easy should it be to change what we see, when given the chance and the tools to change to the new rules, what’s best for all life and to see yourself as equal, to everything around you, all life, nations and people?

It’s as easy as making a few clicks and starting HERE, then being consistent with the way that you live. Thanks for reading.


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