Day 353: What Are You Waiting For

What-are-you-waiting-forThe weather to be the right temperature, before we act on something. The sky to fall down before we realize our world is collapsing around us. Somebody else to make the first move, before we even lift a finger to change ourselves and the way this world is today, but wait, let it be a company party and we’re the first ones there, let it be the new iPhone 7 and we’re the first ones with it, let something happen to one of our family members and we’ll scream bloody murder.

When it comes down to it and you really look at the way people are, you can see that everyone really wants to change and/or to experience some form of change within their lives and in this world, but what over rides that is our comfortability in what we have grown accustom and used to, surviving in this Hell, which is the hardest thing to do, but we have simplified and accepted the madness so much to the point that change which should be apparent and the easiest thing to do, has become the most complex and hardest thing to do to the point of us fearing it.

So in essence, we won’t take the first step to do anything, we’ll just wait until we get an ample amount/number of examples and then follow suit, if we see everyone else doing so, because we don’t want to be left out, which brings into question, how do you promote change? (Hypothetically Speaking) if change was promoted like the New iPhone 7, then everybody would want one, if change was advertised like a new pair of skinny jeans, then everyone would be wearing a pair, and if you could ride change like the new hover board, then we would be all eventually going the same way, straight forward.

Imagine if you will, your favorite actor or actress or singer, fantasy crush or best friend were to promote change and then ask you “What are you waiting for”, would you then get up off your asses and make a difference, just within yourself? Imagine for a moment if you will, you wake up in the morning and turn on your favorite News Channel and the “Hot Topic” of the day, all day long is, “How to change yourself and stop the mind”, would you stop watching the News all together, or will you still believe and follow what the News is telling you then stop waiting and take the initiative to change yourself. And if that’s not enough you then go on twitter to see what’s trending and find that self-change is everywhere, NO (not the change you can believe in), but the change that everyone seems to run away from, when it comes to “Self” You. Ok so there have been this rant and rave within religion about someone (Jesus) or something (A higher entity or being) coming back, on the cloud, in the clouds, some way somehow. Let’s say for shits and giggles, this happens and whomever this person, higher entity or being is, announces to the world, that the only way that you’ll be able to leave this place is through taking self-responsibility for this fuck up and changing ourselves first, and there’s no other way out and as we’re all standing around looking dumb founded in the sky, this person, higher entity or being says with a loud deep voice; “What Are You Waiting For”, would you then realize the seriousness in what is going on in this world and the necessity for each and every last one of us to change ourselves, to change this world? I mean most likely none of these thing will happen or better yet none of these things has happen yet.

For me I never minded being the first one to do something, when it came to getting credit for something or being seen or liked for taking the initiative to do what others were initially scared to do in the first place, but these things were all self-interest based. In actuality I was just like everyone else, waiting for the next person to take the initiative before I would step foot into the water. Obviously with thinking this way, I had to go down with plenty of losing teams and it’s funny how each one of these losing team, where made up of folk who didn’t want to be the first to do anything, so in the end I went down by myself with nothing left and only then did I realize and understand that my waiting for the next person to do something was in vain, especially because what they did, had no bearing on what I went through/experienced, I mean, I had to literally pull myself out of my own mess, where I realized that what I was, always, have been, waiting for, was me to change ME.

Learn how this change is possibly HERE.


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