Day 350: The Good Book

The-goopd-bookGenesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Ruth, and so on to Revelations. Growing up we were taught to recite every book of the bible from genesis to Revelation, the good book, where if you knew the bible and what the bible says then you would be saved, b, whatever it wasut my thing was; “Being saved from what”, I never quite grasped that analogy, but yet and still I wanted to be saved.

One thing I realized about the good book is it has its bad and its good, but all and all, it tells you what’s has happen, what has transpired and have yet to transpire, a quote from Revelations is; “We are living in the end times”, which is apparently true, but we misconstrue what it’s actually saying and think that the world is going to blow up and/or a Rapture will happen, but not likely, I mean if it hasn’t happened to date then it won’t and things will just continue to get more fuck up until we realize that we created, designed and manifested this fuckupness, therefore it is our responsibility to sort ourselves out and sort this world out.

Take the message of Jesus for instance and the parable, “Love thy neighbor as thyself”, we even misconstrue that, by thinking, what the world need now is love sweet love, which is all mess up because, love doesn’t exist in this world and if it did, then there wouldn’t be one person in the world going hungry or starving or being abused, I mean if real love existed in this world then you would be able to walk down every street in the world and see every house door open in the middle of the night.

As many people that believe in the good book there should have been a massive change in this world already, but no, because what the good book doesn’t talk about or explain about is the mind and how it operated, I mean you can read all you want to and claim that you’re living your life according to what the good book says and then turn right back around and sin, I mean I did everything that the good book said, so why is it that I still have these nasty thoughts coming up within and as me, seemingly out of nowhere, I mean this is unexplainable and what we do, we become a master at suppressing and hiding these thought, thinking that no one can see what I’m thinking, not entirely true, human being your thoughts are not secret, then we wonder why we get back pains, leg pains and grey hair and blame it on someone else that’s stressed us out. Really come on

So the good book is cool in a way, but also requires understanding how one’s mind operate, so that when you are applying what you’ve learned from the good book, you don’t experience the roadblocks of the mind, but able to investigate all things and keep that which is good from the good book.

So if the good book resonates with you, but you still have trouble with the nasty thoughts coming up within and as you, then my suggestion is this Free Online Course DIP Lite (Desteni I Process Lite), to assist and support you to stop your mind, and focus more on living the good part in the good book.


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