Day 346: Don’t Bite the Hand That Feeds You

Dont-bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you(Here is another aspect to this statement that no one talks about)

>What a cocky as statement in most instances, that screams suppression, suppression, suppression, slow your roll and stay in your place and do exactly what I say, simply because I didn’t come up with the Idea or changes that you wanted to make, I mean I can’t see the betterment of what you’re saying, because I don’t want to see the betterment of what you’re saying, I’m your boss, so don’t bite the hand that feed you, meaning don’t try and change shit, this is my vision and I like it just the way it is and you need to respect that or else I’ll get rid of you. Got it?

I’m sure some of you have heard something like this or along these lines before and what was your response? In most cases we are trained to just back down out of fear of losing our job of sort and/or that this person will make our life miserable, so we then walk away feeling diminished, limited and belittled, but what we don’t realize is that the diminishment, limitation and belittlement is being placed on the person that’s saying, Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, by themselves, because as you can see this statement in itself is literally saying, I see no room for advancement, within my company/business, which should also show you that it’s probably about time to move on, if you’re able to do so, I mean (This might be stretching it a bit) but even in the movies when this statement is said, the person that it’s being said to, eventually moves on to bigger and better thing and implement their idea’s elsewhere, where they are accepted. I also know quite a few people (and I’m sure you do to as well) who has done this in real life and have made the change for the betterment of themselves.

Interesting how, now if I was to take this statement and direct it towards myself, what I see is myself throughout my life believing that at times, I was at the pinnacle of understanding everything, I needed to know in life to just survive, which means there was no room for self-improvement, because I didn’t realize the betterment of what self-change really is/consist of and exist as, and every time I would get to a point of realization, I would stop and go no further as if the voices in my head were saying, No “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” and then would back down and continue my life the way it was, No change, all games.
And obviously at that time in my life I believed myself to be these voices in my head and so I followed them religiously, throughout religion and into my adulthood, where I really thought I was feeding myself something of substance, but only filling myself up with air and floating further and further away from the truth of who I really am and my full capability of implementing the realizations that I had pushed aside, in spite of me knowing deep down inside, there is something more, the belittlement I accepted as a messed up way of checking myself, blinded by the statement; “Sky is the Limit” and as each bubble began to burst, I felt myself becoming more and more and more diminished, until I found myself by myself Here back on earth, isolated and all alone, with no one to blame but me.

Funny how only at this point (Again) we become susceptible to our realizations and the breakdown comes shortly thereafter we see and understand that, we have let ourselves give up on life, by choice, all because we were too scared to walk away from the “Hand” that was ‘feeding us”, which in my case was my mind, feeding me a crock of shit, while extracting pure essence/substance from my Human Physical Body.

For each person in their individual circumstance it different, whether or not one have the capability to walk away or not, but what remains the same is the point of realizing that each one of us do have a knack for change and so instead of limiting, diminishing and belittling ourselves, let’s take our ideas and implement the changes that’s needed onto ourselves, that way we can Expand/Grow/Develop into our utmost and fullest potential and no longer be subject to the saying; “Don’t Bite the hand that Feeds you”, but instead deal yourself a hand, that will stop you from getting bit by your Mind.


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