Day 345: Skin

SkinWhy is it that skin excite people, I mean it’s like, the sight of skin is a trigger for our mind to go ham (so to speak), in the summer time where, as soon as we see a girl in shorts with a nice butt or for girls a guy in shorts and a tank top with muscles, we then change and come up with the most unforeseen ways to get their attention, I mean have a look, go outside when it’s warm/in the summer and watch how you react, when you see skin, let along how other people react, even the slight look or glance you give comes with a thought and it might be as simple as; “Oh that girl or guy looks nice” and go about your day, not thinking about it again, but the point is, this is what the sight of skin do to us.

This is not to say that we should be like a horse with Blinkers on, I mean especially within relationship, where looking at another person is taken way too far in some cases, where you or your partner go crazy if you catch each other looking at someone else, period, (let along their skin) and that right there is why a lot couples experience conflict within their relationships, all because of fear of loss, where you in your mind start to imagine your partner being with that person they looked at and the only thing you can see is the other persons skin, which stops you from being rational and become irrational and start to rant & rave about what you are seeing, which isn’t a clear view of what’s really going on, but a projection of what you are creating in your mind, then you start to wonder if and then blame your partner for possibly being a cheater and from that moment on your relationship is no longer the same, all because of the sight of skin.

Now if you really knew your partner then you both would be able to communicate openly where if one of you saw “Skin” per se (looked at someone else), you would first off be able to communicate with the other about what you see, without back chat festering around in neither one of your minds, sort of like when you go to the movies with someone and talk about it afterward, without any conflict. And secondly if you do see your partner casually look at, (in admiration) someone else and you become angry, then you are the problem. I’ve been down both these roads before in my past with a partner and I tell you things do change within a relationship once one or the other becomes jealous, so in essence the sight of skin can have an effect on those within a relationship if your communication within the relationship is not effective, in my case it was not, lesson well learned.

When looking at the word skin within the sounding of the word, I hear, See-In, Sin and S-Kin, meaning Same Kin, which to me can mean a few things that I have and haven’t lived as definitions, starting with the word Sin, where it’s pretty obvious that this spells trouble, because of all the devilish thoughts/idea I have come up with in my mind, when looking at Skin. Next you have S-kin, meaning Same kin, which throughout my life, I’ve only saw people in my family as the same as me, not realizing that the whole of humanity, is my S-Kin, Same kin, coming from the same source, one in the same as flesh in skin, I believed in extreme separation and thus have separated myself from the whole of humanity and last but not least, See-In, in relations to self-intimacy, where in-to-me-I-see, where in the past I have only saw myself as an image in the mirror, not really looking into who I really am, as well as people in general where, especially relationships, where I never looked beyond a person’s skin to get to know who they really are, I mean if I would have looked at the word Skin as such in my past, then I would have been more effective in my choice of relationship selection, but instead I was blinded by the skin.

So I am now redefining the word Skin from that of when looking at it; a trigger point for my mind to go ham, in bringing up these thoughts and imaginations of what if I was and trying to get next to the skin I see, to that of, seeing everyone as me, where I first See-In me, as in creating a level of self-intimacy with myself first, in getting to know myself, which I then will see the world and everything that exist within it of life as my Same Kin/Me.

Funny how while writing this post as a test a girl came and set down right beside me, now as I’m writing, showing skin lol, so this is a good test to see if I have walked this point correctly, in looking beyond the skin of a person. (Just as a side note) Btw.


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