Day 342: What The World Needs Now

What-the-world-needs-nowWhat the world needs now is not love because it’s fake, some of us wouldn’t know what real love is if it smacked us in the face, so wouldn’t you think that it’s time for us to investigate without a debate, but no we think that we have too much on our plate, can’t you see that love (as per societal definition) never solved anything, but only brought us more headaches and despicable things.

What the world needs now, is for each one of us to wake up from our deep seeded sleep, and realize that we need to watch the words that we speak, I mean we follow along, instead of learning how to read, and then when things go wrong, we say, what do you mean, it’s sad how we mistake and judge the fact, the fact that we judge others and even attack, our fellow man, because someone else told me so, then come home a hero as if we didn’t know, that we attacked because they disagreed with our greed, they disagreed with our self-interest, so we made them bleed, not realizing that we only hurt ourselves, because we can’t see life as us behind the vail, so we proceed with more war, more violence, more child abuse and starvation, and then turn the other cheek and go on vacation, as if we’re the ones that’s really stressing, when half the world is starving from our own oppression.

What the world needs now, is not to be saved, but to save yourself before you enter the grave, we think that we’re in control, but we really are enslaved, have a look you can’t even remember the day you were made, not the day you were born, not how you were raised, not the day you were conceived, not the day you were saved, so why do we think we know what the world need, when all we’ve given to this world/the earth is abuse and disease, I mean come on ‘please, the world is us and yes we’ve done this to ourselves, we’ve created this world into a living hell, and have gotten used to the burning, suffering and pain, I mean as long as it’s not us, we feel no shame, but when shit hit’s the fan, we’re the first ones to blame, God or the Devil or even in Jesus name. Meaning we take no responsibility when it’s only our fault, hell, we’ll even tell on the next man when we get caught.

What the world needs now, is to eradicate all fear, by starting with self and saying the buck stops here, with ourselves existing as the fear of loss, the fear that we need to stay alive at all cost, which may just be true now a day considering the process at hand, but that doesn’t mean to be scared of your fellow man, I mean at some point we all must die, but before we do we must correct our lives, change ourselves and do what’s best for all, because if we’re not standing together, it has been proven that divided we’ll fall.

So what that world needs now, it’s not the world that’s the problem, but humanity within it, with no solution to solve it, I mean if the problem is ourselves, therefore we must be the solution, so investigate yourself to find out what the truth is and with the proof from your investigation, you’ll know what the what the world needs now, but it all starts with each one individually, and HERE is how.


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