Day 340: Be Safe

Be-SafeYou know what, as far back as I can remember, I never liked when someone told me to “Be Safe” before I left somewhere, I mean it was like, “Um ok, now I’m nervous”, I mean what do you know that’s going to happen to me that I don’t, and to top it off, it felt like the person was manifesting something to happen just by saying “Be safe” from their fear bank onto me, so to speak.

It’s all about fear, because I can remember growing up and was about to go do something and feeling just fine, but as soon as someone would tell me to “Be Safe”, I would have all these thoughts of bad shit happening to me to come up, while going out to do the damn thing and now the whole way there, I would be scared as shit, hoping that my thoughts didn’t come true. I mean tell a kid to; “Stay out of your mind son”, but don’t tell them to “Be Safe” (Especially when they’re already scared of you), because how can you really “Be Safe” if you don’t know what to expect, so you then start looking at everyone else as if they’re going to harm you or something, which perpetuate even more separation than what already exist and this is how your child start being scared of every little sound they hear and being afraid of the dark and plenty other things, like human being.

Ok so when I was young, we had this hallway by our front door, next to the staircase going up stairs and at night times it used to be pitch black, where you couldn’t barely see anything, so every time I went upstairs, once I got to the hallway, I would cover my ear and close my eyes and run up the stair, scare because, ‘what if something was to happen’, so covering my ears and closing my eyes was me Being Safe. lol

The commonly accepted definition of “Be Safe”, in layman’s term, simply put is to, be scared of everybody and we cover it up by saying, I just don’t trust people, which is ok perhaps, but you really don’t trust people because you were taught to fear them and this fear I’m sure partly comes from being told to “Be safe”. Take for instance if you’ve been in an accident before, can you even remember, before you left someplace someone telling you to “Be Safe” and after the fact, is where the “Spite” comes in when you tell the person who told you to “Be Safe” that you got into an accident (mind you, you’re not even thinking about what they told you) and they say some bullshit like; “Well I told you to “Be Safe”, it makes you think if they unconsciously manifested you into and accident, I mean it’s not unheard of.

For Example;

I can ride any bike really well and I can also ride a bike backward, meaning I’ll sit on the handle bars and petal backward, I’ve done this a countless amount of times, so awhile back, me and a few friend were standing outside and were talking about something bike related, where I then said that I could ride my bike backward and they asked me to show them, I said ok and right before I started, they started saying things like, “Be Safe” and “you’re going to fall” and started cringing, as I started riding, now it was about 7 to 10 people saying this against me, knowing what I could do, and of course I ended up falling, I mean although I knew what I could do, (at that time) I couldn’t help but to hear their voices and then started seeing myself falling and fell. (this was actually before I really started walking my process), so you see to a person that has no Idea about how their mind works, it’s like an assistance of abuse or a kick down the stairs into the grave so to speak, when you project your fears onto them, unconsciously knowingly. And fascinatingly enough our response to, if something happen is, “Well I told them so”, which is kind of fucked up.

I mean you also have other dimensions that goes along with saying “Be Safe” as to why things also happen, but to look at what we say and/or manifest onto someone, without being aware that we are doing so in itself, is really unacceptable, because at the end of the day, we are held accountable for what we say, do and/or participate in, in our minds and in reality, verbally speaking.

Last but not least, in looking at the word S.A.F.E in acronym I see, Stay Away From Emotions/Energy, which is kind of cool, because I can now redefine the statement of “Be Safe” from that which I have defined it as being scared of others, to that of being; ‘A note to self’ (so to speak) in saying, Staying Away From (my) Emotions/Energy. Learn how to really be Safe HERE.


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