Day 337: Count Down to Valentine’s Day

Countdown-to-valentineThe other day I was driving and saw a billboard that read XOXO Countdown to Valentine’s Day, I mean this is sort of like saying, I can’t wait to fall in love all over again, now that’s odd because the next billboard I saw read, “How to be single again”, I mean how many times do we have to go through falling in love all over again and being single again, before we realize that love as per current societal definition is full of shit, so you really end up falling in shit, the next time you “Fall in love” all over again, I mean come on, I was there before, where I thought that I was so in love with someone, that I stuck my head through a doggy door, begging to get them back, (how degrading) all in the name of “Love” and sorry to tell you, but it didn’t work, because what I didn’t realize was that, once the thrill is gone, it’s not coming back, no matter what you do, things will not return to the way it was, you might have sex once more or twice and again, just to satisfy your ego, but after that, it’s done son.

So the countdown to Valentine’s day, and it’s funny how we men always wait until the last minute to think of something to do, because somehow it just skipped our mind. And when your partner ask you; “What are we going to do for Valentine’s day honey”, that’s when it register and we say some bullshit like, don’t worry I got a surprise for you, when all the why’ll we’re surprised, because we forgot that Valentine’s day is the 14th of February every year and now you’re scrambling around looking for things to do, I mean how many surprised looks do you think you’ll get, for only bringing your partner rose every year and as soon as the roses die so do your relationship.

It’s also pretty interesting how (again) it’s like, you only have this one day out of the rest of the year to do something cool for your partner (your mate) and that day, (if you’re in hot water) is the ultimate make up day, so you better make it count, when you should have been making it count all alone. Now this is not to call anyone out, but only to share some of my realizations that I have done in my own past relationships, that I now see/realize/understand as the simple mistakes I’ve made that was ultimately one of the defining factors in the downfall of my relationships.

So what it all boils down to is, to not let the Count Down to Valentine’s Day be the countdown to the doom of your relationship, as you will be looking for cool ways on “How to be single again” and if you’re in a relationship, don’t make the same mistake I did, get to know your partner for who they really are, and in doing so, you will find that a whole new world will open up within your relationship of communication with your partner and if you’re single, what’s the rush, haven’t you been down that road before, my suggestion for you is to do what I am currently doing, as in getting to know myself and building a relationship with myself first (self-intimacy), that way if and when I do enter an Agreement (relationship) with a potential partner, I don’t make the same mistake I did before.

Investigate yourself HERE

Investigate you Relationship HERE

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