Day 333: We Would Rather

We-would-ratherWe would rather do anything else with our time, accept being Here, I mean here is too much right now, because I’m on my phone and that takes presentence over anything. I mean come on, without my phone I would die. We would rather walk in the middle of the street to avoid any person coming our way, that may interrupt our phone time, by being courteous and saying hi.

We would rather walk by a person laying on the concrete, in the dead of winter, instead of offering them something to eat, or even realizing, that could be me, no wait a minute that is me, but I wouldn’t be like that, because I was born in a family with a lot of cash.

We would rather take things to the grave, instead of realizing that we are really a slave to the person we’re trying to save, but no, I won’t tell your secret, out of self-interest, even if me holding it in, is
detrimental to what someone else will experience.

We would rather jump into a lead position, instead of learning how to follow directions and direct the situation to where our lead is by example and our natural form of expression, but no I can learn while I’m leading, no matter the point in fact that I am leading by deceiving.

We would rather win, even if it means everyone else lose, and if that’s the case, then our winning is just abuse, it’s what we chose that we voice, when others have no choice, I mean it was all planned out, even our celebration and when we rejoice, it’s only for a moment though, until you realize that winning isn’t everything, until you lose all your winning, will you understand anything, I mean I’ve been through that and had to learn real quick, that if it’s not what’s best for all, then my winnings was full of shit.

We would rather blame the next person, when we misplace our possessions, we would rather claim that it’s their fault, instead of investigation, I mean it’s our creation that we lost our keys, and when we find them, not once do we say forgive me please, we just laugh it off as an honest mistake and if we remain dishonest until we die it’ll be too late, but wait, here is another day you don’t have to misplace your life, you can start HERE, as a step in the direction towards what’s right.

We would rather abdicate our responsibility and leave it up to someone else, to come and save us from the mess we’ve made and even from ourselves, although nobody or being is coming in the twinkling of and eye, we can either face ourselves Here and Now or in the hereafter when we die, I chose to do it Here on earth and become life, because I hear that in the hereafter is like experiencing hell twice.

So what we would rather do was the story of my life, the chasing after energy day in and through the night, I mean I would rather have it easy, until all my other options ran out, I would rather talk back to others, instead of shutting my mouth and listening to what’s fact in this fictional world I created, I would rather accept my mind the way it was, instead of trying to change it, stand equal to it and for the first time direct myself, but instead I lost everything I had and even lost my Self. If I was to lead by example, I would say don’t do what I did, don’t spend half of your life trying to learn how to live. There’s only one place that I’ve found that you can go and learn how to truly be free and that’s this FREE Online Course called DIP. (The Desteni I Process) The only place if I was you that I would rather be.

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