Day 331: Knowledge Quest

Knowledge-QuestWhat are we looking for so frantically? What are we searching for? Is it the “more of” something that we are missing, in searching for it, are we making the correct decision? Do we investigate what we find and keep that which is good? When we find something good, is it well understood? Do we take things out of what we find to suit our self-interest? Like the Protestants did the Catholics to suit their self-interest?

In our quest for knowledge, do we protest what’s really going on? Or do we believe that our free speech is what makes us strong? We’ll if that’s the case, why has nothing ever change, why when we get money, is only when we change? Is what we looking for really the knowledge to make a lot of money and be well off? Or is what we’re really looking for is a way to stop our thoughts?

In my case I believed that my thoughts were me, and the Knowledge Quest that I was on, was a way to set me free, but if you would have asked me; “set yourself free from what”, I would haven’t been able to tell you anything valid because I was still in the clutches, of my mind so what I would have said was I just know that something isn’t right, because everything I was taught and believed to be true didn’t come to life, so I’ve been searching and seeking for answers somewhere else, instead of realizing, what I was searching and seeking for, has always been myself, the answer was inside me, who I really am as life, that I have devised ways to conceal and veil with spite.

I mean what a life I’ve been through, in always putting up a fight, when people said “you’re wrong”, I would say; “I’m right”. I still had a level of ignorance, but didn’t really want to know, I wanted things to change for me, but didn’t know how to go, about this change in essence, so I grabbed on to anything, that I thought was cool and would give my life meaning, a momentary purpose, a reason to keeping going, an excuse to keep doing what I was doing, why’ll claiming not knowing.

I never once considered what I would do, once I got to the point of finding out the truth, I mean did I really want to know the truth as I claimed my nick name to be (“truthbornn”), because I wasn’t living up to the truth part in the name that was me. You see because the truth really hurts, I found out the hard way and when I came across the truth, I wondered if it worked.

But a funny thing happened, once I learned this truth to be real, that the Knowledge Quest that I was on came to a standstill, and I pondered there for a moment, thinking what have I gotten myself into, did I really, really want to know the common sense within the truth?

So it seems that when we say things like “I’m on a Knowledge Quest”, ask yourself is it something that you’re welling to live in every moment of every breath, because if it isn’t, then you’re searching to be validated, you’re searching to be vindicated with no plans for correction.

For me, I mean it seems I finally got what I was Questing for, and I tell you it’s a process, just to walk through the door, of understanding that everything you once known to be the truth is a lie, and from here on out that there’s no place to hide. There’s no turning back now and I’m grateful to be Here, I would now say that my real Journey only begun once I got Here.

So if you’re on a Knowledge Quest and looking for an answer, I would say stop Questing and come back HERE, if you’re Ready to know the Truth of who you really are.


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