Day 326: Stop Here, Stop There

1Stop-Here-Stop-There-RecoveredOn a road trip, often times there is quite a few stops along the way, where if the trip is kind of a long one, then you’ll have to stop to use the bathroom, then stop to get something to eat, then stop to rest and then maybe stop to take in a few sights why’ll travelling, amongst other things that we would probably stop for. I mean this is normal and acceptable for any average road trip and/or especially a Vacation Road trip.

Now when it comes to the mind and you are moving throughout your day, going day in and day out, it’s like every few seconds our mind wants to stop (per se) never Here but always There and reminisce about everything we see, have seen and imagining things to see and if we’re stationary, (not moving) the mind will take a trip on its own, if we are not careful, where it would bring up past trips as memories for us to trip out on and react to. This happens to every person in humanity, I mean at first I thought I was the only one with these thoughts that I would think and trip out on, that would come up within and as me, but then I realized after talking to quite a few people (throughout my lifetime) with a bit of awareness, that everyone thinks the same as me, but with probably a different formulation of thoughts, but alone the same lines though.

Here I’ll show you what I mean, ok whenever you have had a heated conversation of sorts with someone and after the conversation, you realize that it didn’t go your way; Do you just let it go and not think about anymore? Hell No, we bring up all the things we didn’t say in our minds and replay the conversation over in our heads, why’ll adding in the things we wanted to say, right? That’s just one example, but the point is that yes our mind at times take its own road trips (so to speak) and make frequent stops, never Here but always There, instead of being Here why’ll we’re going There.

What’s interesting is, what I realized is that 99.9% of the time, the mind trips we go on always takes you backwards, where let’s say for “shits and giggles” that you’re grocery shopping and looking at meat that you want to buy, now the only reason that you pick out this specific type and brand of meat every time, is because your mind each time take you on a trip to your past and stopped there, at a memory in time of you eating that same specific type and brand of meat and enjoying yourself why’ll doing so, and so you want to experience that same experience that you’ve had back then, this time again, that your mind has brought up as a memory of your past; Now, every time you go to buy meat, you think of that same memory and never get anything else, better yet we might claim that something is wrong with every other type and brand of meat, as to why we don’t buy it, and get this, just so we can stay in that particular Memory awhile longer, unaware that we are doing so, I mean where are we and why are we on this “Mind Trip”? For what it’s worth, we have taken a back seat throughout our lives to the Mind, why’ll our Minds drives us to trip out, whenever it makes frequent stops Never Here, but Always There.

Seeing and realizing all the stops my mind was and at times still do make throughout my day, something had to give and mind you I am still a work in process of stopping my participation in my mind, my conscious mind thoughts, but I do see a significant change in the way I used to be, in been driven by my mind to trip out on things, to where now (hypothetically speaking), I can see the curb coming from a mile away so to speak, which allows me to not take the trip down memory lane with my mind, but I haven’t always been this way and for that, I for starters have taken this Free Online Course called DIP Lite which has assisted and supported me immensely, in realizing how my mind operates and what are my thoughts/feelings/emotions, where do they come from and how to stop my participation from within them, this I would suggest for anyone who is interested in learning themselves and then realizing why (for shits and giggles) you choose the same type and brand of meat every time you go grocery shopping.


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