Day 325: Monitoring Self

Monitoring-SelfWhen you reach a certain age where you cannot do the things you once did when you were younger, there is a thing called life alert that many older folk wear around there neck, that if something was to happen to you, you can press this button and help is on the way, then on the way to wherever you’re going for assistance you are plugged into a monitoring station, that monitors your vital signs, heart rate and other aspect of your human physical body. These monitors are precise in telling you the basic overall problem, so that the paramedic will be able to assist in stabilizing you, until you get to the place that you’re going for more assistance and support, onto correction. And most of the times, if you caught whatever the ailment or ailments was in time, only a few minor adjustments are needed and you can then go about your way, back home.

Interesting, imagine if there was such a monitoring device for whenever one goes into one’s mind and/or experience a mind possession, where as soon as a thought would come up and you start to follow it, you would hear a beep, like BEEP, letting you know that you need to correct your application and the more thoughts that comes up (that you continue to follow), the more this monitor would beep, like BEEP, BEEP, BEEP and when you experience an influx of thoughts, followed by reactions and into any kind of mind possession, the monitor would go off like a metal detector, with a continuous long beep, like BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

And then you would take this device and plug it into a Computer Hub Analyzing Station of sorts and it would read out exactly what you were thinking, that caused you to go into a mind possession and at what point in/within the thought, whether a picture, a memory, your imagination or fantasies, internal conversation and/or backchat, that caused you to react and then this computer would lay out the corrective application for you to walk, along with the consequences to follow, for such a mind possession and your reactions, specifically = Would you then Stop your mind and realize that what you have been accepting and allowing yourself to participate in throughout your day to day living, within your world and reality and how your actions, perpetuate things happening on a global scale, is Unacceptable?

Well such a system is not invented yet, so what I realized is that, it’s up to me, you and everyone else in humanity to monitor ourselves in every moment of our day, to make sure that we don’t go into and experience any mind possessions, what so ever. I mean if we monitored how we walk, talk, interact with others, what we say and do in every situation we come across and/or create within our own worlds and realities, in alignment with the principles of, do unto others as you would like to be done unto, and give as you would like to receive, and treat your neighbor as yourself, just as Much, if not more than how we monitor our MONEY, then we would actually have Heaven on Earth, which means peace on earth, where all life would be treated equally.

Sound cool right? But the hard part is, when we find out that there is work to do, not physically because if it was only manual labor to be done, this world have probably been changed a long time ago, but when we find out that it’s our Individual self, our nature as Human being that needs to be changed, is when we step back and say; “What’s wrong with me, I give back to society” which in lies the problem, because it’s really not about giving anything back to a society that needs to change, that would just perpetuate the Sameness, but to gift to yourself, that who you really are as life, as everything around you and if/when each and every single person does this, our society will change, but it take each person to dedicate themselves to themselves, not to any cause, because the cause is you/us, we are the problem, the reason why and the Solution, Ok, then one must ask; “Well How do I do this” and the answer is to stop our participation in our minds, and how is that done, by Daring to go HERE and learn about yourself and what it takes to change this world, ?? FOR FREE. The Free Online Self-Mastery Course DIP Lite (Desteni I Process Lite) where the “I” stands for You.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy!


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